Jonathan the ‘locked in’ boy

Jonathan Bryan was trapped in silence for seven years and now used his eyes to communicate.

  •  Jonathan Bryan was starved of oxygen in the womb after a car crash
  •  He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and dismissed as a ‘lost cause’
  •  But his mother has helped him to communicate through a spelling board 

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Circles of Adults

Circle of Adults Article



Circles of Adults Article


Adult Circles of Support:

Reflecting and Problem Solving Around

Emotional Needs and Behaviour


By Colin Newton and Derek Wilson




When in doubt build a team!


Circles of Adults are based on this idea. The more complex the problem the more diverse the team needs to be if understanding and relationships with challenging young people are to be at their best. We developed this approach in the face of intractable behaviour problems in schools, a rising tide of exclusions from school and a deep instinctive attitude that a high number of pupils ‘ just don’t belong here’. Building on earlier attempts to develop group work and mutual support among teachers this model has evolved  in which regular meetings are held between a concerned circle of adults, as diverse a group as possible. In these groups emotions are shared, personal feelings and reactions explored as well as deepr understandings of individual young people and what they bring, gained. Aspects of the system which help and hinder are explored, and detailed problem solving is engaged in. These groups are powerful and do make a difference.  

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Psychometrics – and why they should not be used

Problems with IQ and Psychometric Assessment


When diagnosing a child’s learning difficulties, the IQ test and other forms of Psychometric Assessment continue to be used across the UK and elsewhere as an indication of a child’s ‘intelligence’ and continue to be a key factor in special school placement.



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Hampshire Training 19th May

Colin and Derek of Inclusive Solutions began training a team of educational psychologists at a venue in Romsey, Hampshire – the messages of hope and images of inclusive practice and great psychology were all well received!

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