New Service for Isolated Disabled Young people – Person Centred Planning and Inclusion Facilitation

You might be interested in a new branch of work that Inclusive Solutions have embarked upon.

We were recently approached by a Care Manager/Legal Firm acting on behalf of a very isolated, disabled young man aged 19 years. His life had become very enclosed and destructive he had lost confidence, social skills and was not accessing education.

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Facilitating a Person Centred Event

A skilled facilitator is able to:

  • Maintain high levels of interest and attention within a group
  • Steer the group through an agreed process or agenda
  • Deal successfully with conflict within the group
  • Support consensus building
  • Listen at a deeper level

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Self Reflection after the meeting

Inclusive facilitators will warm to this new way of thinking and working readily; others will take a long time to unlearn the habits of a professional lifetime. Key questions to ask yourself when considering your own practice and how person centred it is must include the following:

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