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Circles of Adults

Circle of Adults Article



Circles of Adults Article


Adult Circles of Support:

Reflecting and Problem Solving Around

Emotional Needs and Behaviour


By Colin Newton and Derek Wilson




When in doubt build a team!


Circles of Adults are based on this idea. The more complex the problem the more diverse the team needs to be if understanding and relationships with challenging young people are to be at their best. We developed this approach in the face of intractable behaviour problems in schools, a rising tide of exclusions from school and a deep instinctive attitude that a high number of pupils ‘ just don’t belong here’. Building on earlier attempts to develop group work and mutual support among teachers this model has evolved  in which regular meetings are held between a concerned circle of adults, as diverse a group as possible. In these groups emotions are shared, personal feelings and reactions explored as well as deeper understandings of individual young people and what they bring, gained. Aspects of the system which help and hinder are explored, and detailed problem solving is engaged in. These groups are powerful and do make a difference. 

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Community Circles

In this course we explore how we have attempted to build inclusive circles of support around individuals and contrast this with a radical approach to hospitality and community building – the Community Circle. The purpose of community circles is to bring people from a local community together to share their skills, talents, gifts and resources. This idea is based upon the premise that ALL of us need three things in our lives to make us happy and fulfilled: these are money, friendship and meaning. We believe that everyone needs community, everyone needs to be heard and everyone needs to have fun.

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Person Centred Rehabilitation

Person centred rehabilitation is designed to create a better life for an individual by the provision of an intense input designed to being about social change. This usually entails a series of visits focused on getting the person out and about to increase confidence, social skills and presence in their local community and to pursue goals and dreams. Usually, the work is carried out under the close clinical supervision of a practicing psychologist.

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Psychometrics – and why they should not be used

Problems with IQ and Psychometric Assessment


When diagnosing a child’s learning difficulties, the IQ test and other forms of Psychometric Assessment continue to be used across the UK and elsewhere as an indication of a child’s ‘intelligence’ and continue to be a key factor in special school placement.


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Hampshire Training 19th May

Colin and Derek of Inclusive Solutions began training a team of educational psychologists at a venue in Romsey, Hampshire – the messages of hope and images of inclusive practice and great psychology were all well received!

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Sarajevo, Bosnia – Training on Circles of Friends

Wonderful group of passionate educators. The group really appreciated our range of teaching styles. There was even a Sarajevo TV film crew recording us for live TV.

We have received excellent written feedback from participants. They filled in “short survey” which included their perception about the implementation of the training. They liked the most group activities, interaction, videos and practical examples. Colin and  Julia were scored as excellent (5+) trainers! Some comments: “Everything was perfect, interesting, useful, interactive…..,” “Everything was important to me, it was a therapy, fuel for further actions”, “In this world of distrust, you “made ghosts walk”- you performed the impossible!


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Josephine Feeney – A Year With My Son Part 1

The following is an exert from Josephine Feeney’s book ‘A year with my son.’


A Year With My Son

Part 1


Josephine Feeney

That day, the sky was an unbroken tablecloth of blue. Underneath it, we cycled across the chalky plateau-land of Normandy. I wanted to be alone: to muse on my thoughts; to gaze out at the endless fields of wheat, corn and barley; to feel the cool breeze on my face; to push the pedals and forget about everything. This was our holiday: I wanted to feel free and happy.

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Long View on Inclusive Solution’s Work

Josephine Feeney has written the following about her son Finn and about how an Inclusive Solutions conference made the scales disappear from her eyes…

I went to an Inclusive Solutions conference in Nottingham about twelve years ago. At the time, my son was a very unhappy person at a school in Leicester. He had been diagnosed as having Pervasive Developmental Disorder on the Autistic Spectrum so he had full time support. The conference made me focus on his abilities and his whole personality, with the idea that his difficulties were only one slice of the full Pizza that makes him a full person – rather than on his deficits and disabilities. I was like a born again Christian, trying to show people how the scales had fallen from my
eyes – my son did have abilities, he would be able to cope with school and life.

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