Person Centred Planning Training – Impact in Pembrokeshire

Q and A with Heidi Evans – Acting Lead Educational Psychologist/Uwch Seicolegydd Addysg
Haverfordwest / Hwlffordd
Pembrokeshire / Sir Benfro
We asked  Heidi three questions about the impact of person centred planning training from Inclusive Solutions  in Pembrokeshire and really appreciated her responses …
·       What impact has person-centred planning training and Inclusion Facilitation had on the ability of your staff to enable Disabled young people to be involved in decision making in their lives and to have more choice & control ?
The person centred planning training was inspirational. It reminded education professionals about the reason they wanted to work with children in the first place and therefore ignited a renewed enthusiasm for their work in general. It also gave them a a new set of skills to enable them to channel this enthusiasm and work with pupils in a way which feels much more pupil centred. 
·       What support/additional support might your staff need to ensure they have the skills and confidence to take a person-centred planning approach with all the Disabled young people and their families with whom they work?
In Pembrokeshire we ensured that we had a team of Champions who could sustain the enthusiasm and provide our school with direct support in implementing PCP and becoming more person centred in their general approaches. Our next vision is to create Person Centred Schools so may need some help and support around that in the future…
·     What person centred planning are you offering families in your LA and what impact is this approach having on families?
We are using PCP as the underpinning of the statutory reform so are encouraging schools and families to engage in developing Individual Development Plans which by their =very nature are Person Centred and in order to develop one a person centred planning/review meeting has to take place. Currently we are using the PATH and supporting schools in developing their usual review meetings with ones that follow a person centred approach.

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