The Principles of the Children and Families Act: Embedded Practice or Neglected Words?

The Principles of the Children and Families Act: Embedded Practice or Neglected Words?

In 2014, The Children and Families Act brought in legislation and principles that underpin the current SEND Code of Practice. Yet reports from Local Area SEND inspections and third sector organisations suggest that these principles are not implemented consistently nationally. Let us remind ourselves of the nature of these principles by clicking on this link… Principles CoP Apr 18

The document was written by Zena Martin, Educational Consultant, Inclusive Learning North.

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A poem for the day

What Do You Want Your Poetry To Feel?


I want my poetry to connect.
I want it to change perceptions.
I want it to be a hand to hold.
I want it to comfort the lost.
I want it to shake things up.
I want it to reach out and touch the sky.
I want it to dance through the rain.
I want it to sing in a quiet room.
I want it to get in your face
and make you listen.


a lovely poem by Maresa MacKeith


You can read more of Maresa’s poems and other great poetry from books available in our store…

Taking the Time by Maresa MacKeith  and Quiet Riot Collected by various people.


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Molly’s PATH

Read about Molly’s PATH by clicking the following link…

Molly’s PATH

Molly’s mom, who wrote this piece, is Angie Northwood who started her Inclusion path as a parent when Molly attended the Sophie Centre (an inclusive pre-school). She swiftly took up the mantle of Inclusion Warrior in Lambeth for 15 years, becoming the Inclusion Co-Ordinator firstly before discovering and joining Parents for Inclusion (a real life saver) and went to train as an Inclusion Facilitator with them. She worked for Pi for many years, also a magnificent place of great learning and support. She then worked for the Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership, during  which time she developed and managed the Inclusion Team and continued to work in partnership with Pi, the Alliance for Inclusive Education and Inclusive Solutions.


PATH Process – Step by Step guide

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