Friend – Maresa Keith



A friend can be still.

Can stand up for you.

We need to know when to step back.

When to get silly.

How many friends have you got?

It doesn’t matter.

One is enough.

by Maresa Keith

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My Voice – Maresa Keith

My Voice

My voice is a hot air balloon flying too high for you to hear.

My voice is a room where everyone hugs.

My voice is a candle you can hold in the night.

My voice is a joyful trumpet in an orchestra of sad instruments.

My voice is a single swallow in an empty sky.

My voice is a mouse nibbling on the tired cheese of your conversation.


by Maresa Keith

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Brandon’s views on PA employment


Over the last year Brandon has had a lot of interesting experiences with care both good and not so good. Read on…


By Brandon Aughton


Benefits and down sides to using PA`S and carers

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