St Clement and St James Primary School MAP

School team and community still recovering from the Grenfell Tower tragedy. The MAP was facilitated by Colin and Derek – the story was told, the future planned. Amazing levels of resilience, energy and enthusiasm to get it right. Such work always strengthens inclusive education for all. MAP is a process that  features large in our inclusive education training and broader training on inclusion. 

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Seely – From Strength to Strength- Nottingham

PATH facilitated by Colin and Derek of Inclusive Solutions to launch new academic year. Whole staff present and children’s views incorporated. The PATH process is one which we feature in our inclusive education training as well as on nearly all our inclusive education courses as it is so person centred. Seely school is a flagship fro UK inclusive education – an inspiration to all! 


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Peer Mediators final training day

Year 6 Peer Mediators all completed their training today with flying colours! 6 sessions – now they are off to do the real thing! This was rich peer support training and we have now created a powerful peer support training programme well worthy of sharing with others! The benefits to inclusive education and even to autism inclusion in mainstream schools cannot be underestimated. 

We specialise in autism in mainstream schools, inclusion of students with disabilities, education psychology, autism education, community building and training on inclusion.

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