Nottingham Community Circle

Nottingham Community Circle meet every second Wednesday at New Generation Church Basford 6-7.15pm. Free food and community connections, all welcomed. All means all!

2020 dates

Due to Coronavirus all meetings cancelled until future notice….


8th April, 13th May, 10th June, 8th July, 12th August, 9th September, 14th October, 11th November, 9th December

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Research about the use of the PATH for supporting the transition of pre-schoolers with SEN into school.

Follow this link to read the full research paper: Research about the use of the PATH for supporting the transition of pre-schoolers with SEN into school.

The research gathered the views of parents, teachers, preschool staff and other professionals about the use of the PATH for supporting the transition of pre-schoolers with SEN into school. The meetings were positively received and parents reported that the meetings helped to address the majority of their concerns. Both staff and parents identified that the meetings provided schools with a clearer picture of the child and helped to foster positive relationships between parents and staff. Aspects of the meetings which helped to support this were identified.

Participants also identified advantages and disadvantages to having a young child present in their meeting, including keeping the focus of the meeting on the child, providing the child with an important message (that they are important and their views matter) and the child being a distraction at times. Most felt that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and that having the child present for most of the meeting and having some additional time without the child was a clear solution.

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Keys to Inclusion in Suffolk

Part of the Inclusion Mindset Project.

Colin Newton and Claire Darwin shared the keys to inclusion – focused on students with all kinds of challenges –  primary and secondary and FE. We highlighted the value of person centred planning as part of the INSET. Many SENCOs were present and were appreciative as were those working in Alternative Provision.  What does it take for all to be included?

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Interfaith conference in South London on including people with learning disability

Colin Newton and Marsha Douglas contributed the Gargoyles and Champions of change plus the teaching of Solution Circles problem solving processes to an interfaith conference in South London focused on the inclusion of people with learning disabilities. Listen to the wonderful Maureen Johnson who has worked for years to make this happen!  #interfaithweek #ProblemSolvingProcesses

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How to Reduce Social Exclusion of the Elderly

How to Reduce Social Exclusion of the Elderly

We rarely think about the problems faced by different social groups: we pass by the homeless and feel a pang of guilt, but don’t often dwell on it; we see teenagers being bullied, but we don’t take the time to intervene; we see mothers using food stamps for their kids’ meals, but we don’t lose too much sleep over it.
As modern humans, we have a diminished focus as is. Bothering with the challenges faced by others, so very different from us, is just not on our list.
There is one issue, in particular, we seem to push under the rug more often than not: the social exclusion of the elderly.

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