Hear some of the thoughts of a fantastic group who have just developed a PATH for a young man named Wren.

If you would be interested in a PATH for someone you know, or simply want to learn more about what a PATH is, see our page

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How Having a Safe and Clean Environment Promotes Learning

Now more than ever, the world has learned how important sanitation and clean environments are. Schools are especially cognisant of the fact that safe and clean environments promote better learning and more developmental growth in kids. When a learning environment gets dirty and messy, it can be a host of a wide variety of problems. Continue reading to find out how having a safe and clean environment promotes learning. 

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How To Effectively Fast-Track Your Career in 2021

Once you graduate from college, you should start preparing yourself to enter the workforce and set your sights on moving up the career ladder. Landing your dream job isn’t as simple as you might think; it requires hard work, effort, and strategy to reach your goals. A smart resume and a neat suit can get you a job, but you need a lot more to build a successful career. This year is a new chance to pursue your career goals. All you need is expertise in your field and some crucial interpersonal skills. On that note, read on to find out more about the steps you need to take to fast-track your career this year.

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The Joys and Challenges of Being a Father with Autism

When you are diagnosed with autism, you may feel that the condition can hinder your ability to live a quality life. However, the fears can later turn into excitement and a feeling of pride in the parenting journey. 

In some ways, sharing the condition with your loved ones can make it easier for you to enjoy the fatherhood journey. To learn about the joys and challenges of being a father with autism, let’s explore more.

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WEBINARS – January 2021 – Parents and Carers in Lockdown

 WEBINAR WORKSHOPS – Timing: Each session runs from 11am-12pm

Cost: Pay what you can afford

New Covid-19 inspired series delivered by psychologists Colin and Elliot Newton, plus Derek Wilson using the Zoom platform. We want to directly support and inform parents and carers and so indirectly benefit the children and young people with the greatest needs. Parenting is hard enough but supporting learning, hope and self image in these times has never been harder! Please share with anyone who might benefit… 

The webinars are focused on trying to parent, encourage, support and include children and young people at this difficult time. Engage and learn in the comfort of your own setting as we explore a range of challenges. The content of the sessions will aim to allow safe sharing of experiences, provide fresh insights as well as practical strategies. The sessions will be very easy to understand and will share wisdom of those present as well as provide some guiding ideas. 

Unable to make the time and date? You can access a replay if you enrol below – we will send a link by email.

Dates are as follows…

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Top Tips for Getting Better Rest in a Crazy World

By Raina Cordell

It feels like yesterday that I was planning spring break travel and activities for my family. My son was about to start little league football, and my daughter was preparing for her upcoming dance recital. The next thing I knew, all activities were canceled, schools were shut-down, and life as I knew it had seemingly changed overnight.

COVID-19, coronavirus, instantly transformed life for the entire world—but it’s just one example of a crisis that can increase worry and fear, making quality rest seemingly impossible. Hurricanes, the economy, negative news stories, and just the everyday stressors of life can all make coping a challenge.

Stress can contribute to sleep loss, but did you know that sleep loss can make stress worse? Keep reading to find out what science says about stress, the dangers of it, and how managing sleep properly could improve your ability to cope. And be sure to take a glance at our top tips for stress relief before bed…

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The Future of Special Educational Needs

The past year has brought numerous issues to light when it comes to child care and education.

Parents all over the country have been left to their own devices in ensuring the schooling of their children. Yes, teachers picked up the slack and came up with creative solutions, including Zoom school and alternative teaching methods. But, it also became clear that there is still much room for improvement.

Educational systems are invaluable. They help prepare our children for a future in a fast-changing world, equipping them with a set of skills that are going to be essential in their lives. But what’s becoming more and more evident is that the current focus on academia doesn’t cover all the necessary bases.

The discrepancies between what is being done and what needs to be done are particularly evident in special education. 

The good news, however, is, there’s potential for change. And parents hold a lot more power than they may think they do…

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Engineering Assignment Help: 10 Signs You Need It

A lot of students are reluctant when it comes to assignment help. Some think they can do everything themselves even when they are tired, others just don’t trust anything offered online. Actually, you can find a lot of useful websites with educational information and even specialists ready to help you with programming, algebra, engineering, and other subjects.

One of such do my homework sites is AssignCode. It offers some of the best assignment help online for a reasonable price! No questions asked, no hassle, just comfort and new information on your topic.

“But why should I ask someone to do my assignment if I always do my homework, even if it’s 3 am?”

Well, here’s an answer: 10 signs why you might be in need of help.

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