What is an INCLUSION FACILITATOR? – Inside Inclusive Solutions with Elijah

In this episode of Inside Inclusive Solutions, Elijah Jefferson explains the role of an Inclusion Facilitator, and what it actually involves. He details the challenges of doing community building work during a pandemic, and offers advice to new Inclusion Facilitators or anyone wanting to include someone in their community.

If you are interested in having an Inclusion Facilitator come and support someone you know, get in touch!

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13 Tips for Person Centred Planning online – Inclusive Practice

Ellen Cook interviews Elliot and Colin about what they’ve learnt from doing Person Centred Planning and Inclusion Training online.

They offer insight into what makes effective meetings, how to keep the group engaged, how to get the most from the group, and how to keep everyone feeling safe and included.

Let us know what you want to see next!

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Interview with Tara Flood on the Inclusive Education Movement in 2021

In this video Elliot Newton interviews Tara about her thoughts on the inclusion movement itself and the problems it faces, Tara’s experience of special education, and the social model of disability. Tara offers her advice to Educational Psychologists who want to know how they can make a difference and thoughts for those who would like to get involved with the disability rights movement.

Oral History Project


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10 Ways to Promote Inclusion in Schools – Inside Inclusive Solutions

Experienced educational psychologist Colin Newton of Inclusive Solutions offers his 10 “ingredients” for an inclusive school. If you follow this recipe for inclusion, then your school will be in a much better position to truly include the most marginalised and difficult to include young people.

Traditionally, schools have been quick to exclude young people that they deem as “difficult”. This can be because of uncontrollable behaviour, unstable mental health, or simply being disabled and the school feels unequipped to deal with the young person. Colins vision for inclusion completely flips that idea on its head and focuses on radically including these young people by meeting their needs in a wholesome and realistic way.

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Using a Person-Centred Approach within Annual Reviews

Georgie Boorman, Cleo Timney, & Abigail Cohman – Trainee Educational Psychologists, University of Southampton 

Shinel Chidley & Hannah Hall – Educational Psychologists, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Educational Psychology 

“Can statutory meetings be person-centred?”

What does the application of person-centred approaches look like in an annual review meeting?”

“Could professionals, families and young people benefit from this approach?”

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How to improve wellbeing at work (in the era of stress and burnout)


Wellbeing at work: The statistics

  • In a 2017 GSK study, more than 67% of workers in China, India, Philippines, and Indonesia felt that their work environment caused their body pain, and more than 60% said their work environment caused them head pain, leading to significant productivity loss and human suffering. [1]
  • Wellness programs can help increase employee engagement. Companies with engaged employees report 37% lower absenteeism levels, up to 65% lower employee turnover, 10% higher customer satisfaction; 21% higher productivity, and 22% higher profitability. [2]
We specialise in autism in mainstream schools, inclusion of students with disabilities, education psychology, autism education, community building and training on inclusion.
  • A Gallup research found that companies with engaged staff have higher earnings per share, outperforming peers by as much as 147%. [3]
  • In as little as six weeks health risks could improve dramatically. Those who maintain healthy behaviors experience lower health risks for six weeks, six months, 12 months, and even out to 18 months after a wellness program begins.[4]
  • 70% of employees enrolled in wellness programs have reported higher job satisfaction than those not enrolled in the companies’ program. [5]
  • 56% of employees had fewer sick days because of wellness programs. [6]
  • Employee morale is cited as the most improved (54%) metric from implementing wellness plans. [7]
  • 62% of participants in a wellness plan said that it helped them lower healthcare costs.[8]

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Strategies for Concentrating in Prayer

You are trying to concentrate while offering your prayer, but every time distraction grabs your mind. You are not able to remember the verses that just went through your lips? Indeed, taking charge of your focus in supplication requires lots of devotion.

In many religions, prayer is considered as the bridge to eternity. People need to perform it with complete presence of mind to get the blessings of God. Moreover, prayers can get accepted only when you are attentive.

People are always trying to pray with a genuine heart. That’s because everyone knows the importance of concentration in prayer. Though, there can be situations where you cannot focus. It is because Satan uses distraction as a tool to exhaust your energy and focus.

In this article, we will discuss some strategies to help you concentrate in prayer. So if you want to improve focus while offering your supplications. Then read this article to the end.

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