Chairing A Meeting Training

At Inclusive Solutions we understand that chairing a meeting can be a daunting aspect. Whilst you may feel passionate about the subject matter at hand, it can be incredibly nerve wracking to be the focus of everyone’s attention and have control of the room.

Our chairing a meeting training is best done over 2 days and is suitable for anyone who has to chair meetings, whether it’s your first time of you’re looking to improve your skillset.

Over the course of the training, we’ll look at the following learning objectives:

  • Improve chairing skills by receiving feedback
  • To identify characteristics of meetings that matter- what excellent chairing looks like
  • To strengthen person centred dimensions to chairing meetings
  • To clarify the meetings we never want to be part of
  • To explore how to bring creativity into stuck meetings
  • To explore psychodynamic processes of resistance, projection, splitting and transference
  • To create a visual graphic and words that illuminate what great meetings and chairing looks like
  • To explore the various hats that group members and chairs can wear

We have a range of training options that focus on team building and similar subjects, so take a look around our website and learn more today.

To get in touch about any of our training courses, reach out to us via our website or call us on 0115 955 6045.

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