Inclusive Education

Take part in our inclusive classroom workshop when you want to create an inclusive space for everyone

At Inclusive Solutions our latest workshop is all about taking a fresh look at how to create an inclusive education experience for everyone. 

The purpose of this workshop is to look at how you can create an inclusive space where everyone benefits from learning. Ideal for learning support staff, parents, teachers, heads and SENCO’s, the learning objectives will cover:

  • Linking learning style research to real classroom inclusion of high profile/need pupils
  • Improved teaching skills for those with severe and complex needs and behaviour
  • Increased skills in diversifying/differentiating the curriculum
  • Reflection on attitudes to individual learning and the curriculum
  • Challenge to attitudes and mind sets

Better suited over 2 days so we can cover everything in detail, this workshop will look at six guiding ideas that will help you to have an inclusive classroom:

  1. Setting the tone for learning
  2. Resourcing schools and classrooms effectively
  3. The essential 4 questions! What is the essential learning in this lesson? How do the students learn best? What needs modifying? How will students demonstrate their learning?
  4. Building on strengths and talents
  5. Beyond the IEP
  6. The curriculum content of inclusive classrooms

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