Managing Challenging Behaviour Course

Get a fresh approach towards managing challenging behaviour with our innovative and interactive course

Working with children is often a rewarding career to choose, but it can also be challenging at times when you’re met with certain needs. Whilst you may have had plenty of training and read all the books you’ve been told to read; the reality is that we all need to have a fresh approach towards managing certain challenging behaviours.

Here at Inclusive Solutions we aren’t just another average training company who offer a standard course. Instead, we want to give you food for thought and get you thinking about new ways to cope with certain behaviours.

By coming on our course, you can learn new ways to manage different behaviours and think more about offering relationship-based approach. We want you to think about why children do the things they do, and why they say the things they say. It’s all about building a relationship of trust and understanding with the child, and we’ll give you everything you need to do this effectively. We’ll also look at covering restorative justice, peer support strategies such as circle of friends and problem-solving processes such as Circle of Adults.

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