Managing Challenging Behaviour

Want to know more about managing challenging behaviour when working with children?

Working with children is a rewarding venture, but sometimes they can display challenging behaviour that can be hard to manage. It’s important to understand their emotions and why they’re behaving in a certain way, and it’s also important to approach them in a way that they respond well to.

At Inclusive Solutions we promote relational approaches, self-regulation and looking underneath behaviour at the real emotions impacting on a child or young person. We also provide training on strategies such as restorative justice to reduce exclusions.

Our behaviour workshop will give you a fresh approach to behaviour and relationships.This workshop is ideal for parents, heads, primary and secondary school staff, SENCO’s, teachers and early years workers.

During the workshop we’ll look at key themes such as active listening, ways to encourage support and independence and team problem solving. At the end of the day, we hope you will have:

  • Reinforce good practice and feel refreshed
  • Re-energise, stimulate and challenge thinking about inclusion of challenging young people
  • A better understanding about behaviour and emotions
  • Increased confidence in managing challenging pupils
  • Access to a wider range of practical strategies that make a genuine difference
  • Opportunity to reflect on professional attitudes and behaviour towards families and children and young people
  • Learn new skills and processes to make inclusion successful

If you’d like to take part in this workshop, you can request a call back by filling out the form. 

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