Peer Support Training

Our peer support training is a great anti-bullying strategy

When working with children and young adults, bullying is something that is fairly common, but it’s how we respond that makes all the difference. The DCSF and Ofsted now recommend peer support as a standard anti-bullying strategy, and with our course, we hope to give you further information and ways to incorporate this.

At Inclusive Solutions our peer support training is something that can be used at a local authority level. We hope that with this course we can educate and show the benefits of adopting a centrally led peer support scheme, and how it can hugely benefit everyone involved.

We hope that by the end of the course, you will:

  • Be able to take away from the day the means and the inspiration to set up a local scheme
  • Have discovered how a centrally led Peer Support scheme enhances and promotes anti-bullying
  • Have a better insight into impact of strategic approach to peer support
  • Have learned a real way of reducing bullying across a Local Authority

We also have a range of other training courses that come under the behaviour and relationship sector, which you can find here.

Whether this is of interest to you, or you’ve found another course to go ahead with, follow the steps on our website to find out more or call our team on 0115 955 6045.

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