Problem Solving Processes

Take part in our workshop to gain problem-solving processes

Does your job require you to think on your feet and problem solve? Perhaps you’re in an environment that challenges you to think outside the box? Maybe you want to learn new innovative approaches to problem solving?

Our practical workshop is suitable for relationship challenges behaviour problems and personnel dilemmas

The aim of this workshop is to explore ways of problem solving around complex situations. By offering a practical environment, we will share experienced and various approaches to problem solving around systemic, organisational as well as individual inclusion issues.

The workshop will cover:

  • Synectics – using analogies and out of the box creativity
  • Circles of Adults
  • Solution Circles
  • Solution Focused approaches
  • Thinking Hats – de Bono style problem solving
  • Using Imagination to solve problems

During the workshop, we will answer questions such as:

  • Is there a more structured way to run this meeting?
  • Can we explore the emotional impact the person is having on us and still agree strategies?
  • How can we work out how to include this child best?
  • How can I get unstuck from this problem?

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