Problem Solving Processes

Learn a range of problem solving processes with our courses

Whether you’re in a leadership position, work closely with children or young adults or simply want to come together as a team to tackle an issue, our range of problem solving courses can give you fresh insight.

At Inclusive Solutions we provide a range of problem solving courses that are both practical and educational.

If you’re looking to gain new techniques and skills, we recommend our Problem Solving Tools and Techniques workshop.

Suited to SENCO’s, guidance staff, teachers, community workers and parents, this workshop explore ways of problem solving around complex situations. During this workshop you’ll get to share experiences, learn innovative approaches to problem solving and increase your confidence.

The course will look at questions such as

  • How can we work out how to include this child best?
  • How can I get unstuck from this problem?
  • Is there a more structured way to run this meeting?
  • Can we explore the emotional impact the person is having on us and still agree strategies?

Overall, the day will consist of practical approaches such as:

  • Solution Circles
  • Using Imagination to solve problems
  • Solution Focused approaches
  • Synectics – using analogies and out of the box creativity
  • Circles of Adults

If you feel this is the right step for you, book your workshop with us via our website.

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