Team Building In Education

Investing in team building in education can transform the way you work

At Inclusive Solutions we want to offer you a range of workshops that focus on different areas of team building. Take our Building Creative Teams workshop as an example.

Ideal for those in education settings such as early years, this course is all about getting the best out of everyone in the team. We work to refocus the team on its capabilities and strengths, as well as what to do when things may go wrong and a conflict arises.

As part of our team building workshop, you won’t have to worry about sitting in a stuffy room whilst watching a PowerPoint presentation. Instead, we’ll get you up and about having fun and interacting with each other with the help of music, activities, pens and paper.

Through this workshop, we aim to:

  • Empowerment of team players
  • Deepened insights into team processes
  • Practical strategies for team building learned
  • Processes for enhancing creativity of team members explored
  • Celebration and recognition of existing strengths and talents

If you’d like to discuss arranging this workshop for your team, or any of our other workshops, call us now on 0115 955 6045 or fill out the form.

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