3 Advantages of Earning a Business Degree

If you are a decision maker, an analytical thinker, and a problem-solver, you should consider getting a business degree. You can easily opt for one of many being offered at the American International College.

Apart from several benefits of pursuing business, you will also find dozens of job opportunities. There is a suitable job for nearly everyone, and you might end up working at an NGO, corporation, government sector, or an entrepreneur startup.

The vast availability of roles and superb payout make this profession even more likable. The United States BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) confirms that the open positions for business and financial sectors will grow drastically over the next 10 years. If you are looking for reasons to convince yourself to study business, keep reading to see what benefits a business degree can bring for you…

High Demand and Earning Potential

An increasing number of job opportunities has raised the demand for individuals with a business degree. Nearly all kinds of companies and sectors need a business professional of some sort to work towards success.

Students with BB/BSBA degrees get paid higher salaries and additional incentives. The Department of Labor and Statistics has deduced that a business career pays $60,000 yearly. The best part is that this can increase substantially over the years.

Vast Career Choices and Job Versatility

The ever-growing demand and pandemic have caused companies to offer all types of jobs, including hybrid, remote and on-site jobs. This flexibility allows more individuals to apply for business jobs than ever before. You can work on your timeline at a remote or part-time job and earn the same benefits as an on-site employee.

There are endless career options once you have a business degree. You can further specialize or study a particular business subject you are interested in, such as management, finance, insurance, teaching, consulting, sales, manufacturing, publishing, administration, marketing, or even entrepreneurship. A few job roles you can land with a business degree include:

  • Tax manager
  • Sales manager
  • Actuary
  • Business development manager
  • Process analyst 
  • Management consultant 
  • Project manager
  • Bookkeeping 
  • Human resources specialist 
  • Auditing clerk 
  • General manager
  • Accounting
  • Operations manager
  • Financial analyst

Working with designers and copywriters, assessing project results, performing market research, and strategic marketing can help you learn a lot about conducting a business. No matter your role, these skills can eventually help you start your own business.

Leadership and Networking Skills

Studying at a college or university automatically increases meaningful interactions with other students, teachers, and interviewers. You can create long-lasting relationships that promote your networking skills.

College career counseling plays a massive role in this too. You can land a fantastic job by being recommended by your professors and college staff. This helps build business relationships and reach out further into the community of well-known companies.

Leadership skills are a must for any person that wishes to pursue a career in business. A business degree teaches students critical networking and leadership skills throughout the course. This allows individuals to be eligible for job opportunities that require a team leader.

A business administration degree holder is also taught how to research the market, manage money and make effective investments. A list of skills taught to students to promote networking and leadership skills include:

  • Effective communication
  • Strong networking skills
  • Ability to work as a team
  • The ability to be a leader
  • Creative thought-process to promote problem-solving capabilities


Even if you do not want to opt for a business career directly, having a degree will secure your future if you change your mind later on. Not only can you start your own business, but you will also be able to land other job roles more effectively. A business degree helps you gain additional skills, which most employers will not ignore even when you are applying for a job that is not a business position.

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