Circle of Friends Training in West Sussex – Impact on a Learning Mentor

I have come home from work today feeling so inspired by your training and support I just wanted to let you know how well everything is going.

I am now running two Circle of Friends groups in two of my schools for two boys, one in year 5 and one in year 6. They are both autistic but have very different needs and have been really struggling and sad in school, already the support from their circles is having a hugely positive impact on them and I am loving it. The response from the other children is so rewarding and their attitudes so mature and lovely that I feel with the gentle coaxing into ‘simply giving it a go’ from Colin’s training was the incentive I needed…..I really just wanted to say thank you!

I have many resources and options to try in my role as a Learning Mentor when I am supporting a child, this one has just gone to the top of the list!!

Best Wishes,

Jo Sands – Learning Mentor, West Sussex

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