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Review of PCP Together book

Aimed at the practitioner, this resource is a must have for those wishing to run and be involved with Person-Centred Planning. The resource covers a wide range of PCP approaches, including MAPS, PATHs and One-Page Profiles, amongst others. Each is brought to life with examples, practical ideas and beautifully vibrant illustrations that engage the reader from start to finish. Useful as both a practical resource as well as a reference book, it will prove invaluable to anyone interested in PCP. This will certainly be a key resource on our programme and a must have resource for all other training programmes and practitioners who wish to adopt a person-centred approach to planning and assessment.

Dr Nick Hammond, Programme Director, Doctorate in Educational Psychology, University of East Anglia (UEA)

‘Person Centred Planning Together’ Book reviewed positively in Educational Psychology in Practice – this month!

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