Great Conversations

Leadership and Management Communication and Relationship Building with Teams

Course Category

  • Team Building
  • Leadership and Management


In this course we explore how the leaders and managers of effective teams and organisations can nurture ‘good conversations.’ We explore the very best conditions for effective communication and relationship. Participants are engaged in highly interactive content as they reflect upon and consider improvement to key working relationships.

We take the long view, examine the most difficult management situations as well as how to effectively help team members and build trust. Created by Thera and Inclusive Solutions working in collaboration this is cutting edge management training.  


Learning Objectives

  1. Increased confidence and understanding regarding ADHD labelled pupils and their inclusion in mainstream schools
  2. Access to a wider range of practical strategies to impact on movement and behaviour issues
  3. New skills and processes to strengthen the inclusion of young people with ADHD labels in all settings
  4. Opportunity to reflect and understand more deeply what might be happening in situations for someone labelled ADHD

Who Is It For ?

Anyone interested in leading and managing an effective team

Course Content

  • Setting the tone for welcome and relationship building 
  • Active listening 
  • Building relationships 
  • Understanding self and others – Parent – adult – child dynamics
  • Cementing Trust 
  • Effective helping 
  • Challenging employees 
  • The long view 
  • Creating a community circle 

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