Inclusion works despite what they say…

Inspiring feedback from a mum about the work and encouragement from the Inclusive Solutions team…

You helped me when my son was struggling at school and fighting for his statement to be appropriate to his needs without excluding him from mainstream school. I wrote a couple of articles for you in the past that were published for many years on your website. I thought that I would write to thank you for the huge difference you made to us, knowing that people believed in inclusive solutions in the same way that we did.

I was told that my son would not talk, he talked. I was told that my son may not walk well, he walks well. I was told that my son had a profound disability and that he needed specialist schooling. He went to mainstream school. I was told at every stage of college life that he would not cope and achieve his qualifications. He has coped and achieved his qualifications. I was told that I was being overly optimistic when I said that my son would live independently, have a partner and a family. My son is now 20 years old and is learning to be independent, he can cook with limited supervision, put dishes in the dishwasher, clean, use the washing machine and the lawn mower. He is learning independent travel programmes and he can now go to visit his girlfriend without support. He is learning more responsibilities as a result of the constant promotion of his independence and refusal to remove him from his community and society. Always believe that things can improve as long as there is family, community and society to support development and achievement.

Kind regards
Deborah Barnett

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