Manifesto for Inclusion

Here at Inclusive Solutions  we believe that our education system should be fully inclusive of all learners in their local community mainstream settings with the supports they deserve and need. There should be an end to segregation of children and young people in special education and alternative provision settings. All educational opportunities should be of the highest quality for all young people whatever their identity or difference.


We fully endorse the manifesto of the Alliance for Inclusive Education  which focuses on realising the rights of ALL disabled people to mainstream education with all necessary supports and adjustments within an inclusive education system. It sets out six demands, which would move us from the present situation to a fully inclusive education system.

‘We believe disabled people have the right to:

An inclusive education system supported by human rights


A coordinated education, health and social care system

An inclusive learning environment

An inclusive curriculum

An inclusive assessment system

An education workforce committed to inclusive education




“Our manifesto is about challenging the
deep rooted systematic discrimination which unfairly locks disabled pupils and students out of mainstream education. Inclusive education benefits everyone. It allows disabled and non-disabled people to come together and learn to respect and value our differences. It helps to create inclusive communities that welcome everyone. Our manifesto sets out the importance of ‘educating not segregating’ and engaging in positive action to establish a fair and

equal education system for ALL citizens.”



Michelle Daley, Interim Director, The Alliance for Inclusive Education

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Inclusive Psychologist
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