New Service for Isolated Disabled Young people – Person Centred Planning and Inclusion Facilitation

You might be interested in a new branch of work that Inclusive Solutions have embarked upon.

We were recently approached by a Care Manager/Legal Firm acting on behalf of a very isolated, disabled young man aged 19 years. His life had become very enclosed and destructive he had lost confidence, social skills and was not accessing education.

We became involved and carried out a Person Centred Planning event using the PATH process – majoring on dreams and goal setting leading to precise action planning.

We have followed this up with visits from an ‘inclusion facilitator’ whose job its is to follow up on the person centred plan and actively open up some doors for him. This specialist inclusion work will be involving a series of visits to the family taking the young man out and about to increase his confidence, social skills and presence in his local community. This work will be closely supported and supervised by one of our inclusive educational psychologists specialising in inclusion. 4 weekly visits followed by 5 monthly visits make most sense in this situation. This provides a 6-month programme at which time we can review the initial PATH and see what is next needed.

We obviously would tailor the package to support the individual.

Person Centred Planning

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