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New Covid-19 inspired series delivered by Colin and Elliot Newton, using the Zoom platform. What are you going through right now? What do you need to stay strong? We want to directly support and inform the adults and so indirectly benefit the children and young people with the greatest needs. Please share with anyone who might benefit… psychologists, trainees, teachers, SENCOs, Social workers, TAs, parents and carers and so on…

The webinars are focused on meeting the needs of the professionals and parents trying to support and include children and young people at this difficult time. Engage and learn in the comfort of your own setting as we explore a range of challenges. The content of the sessions will aim to allow safe sharing of experiences, provide fresh insights as well as practical strategies.  

The content will be based on this training course which is also available to you and your team on request

Dates are as follows…


3rd – Reflecting on the Story so far – Change and uncertainty – Staying strong

Sharing experiences of what participants have already gone through since March 2020. What do we know about change and uncertainty that may be useful right now? Shared strategies for staying strong right now!     

10th – Understanding and managing Anxiety and Stress

An exploration of what we know about anxiety and stress and especially what may be most relevant to managing and surviving the psychological challenges of the Pandemic. We introduce the Compass of Anxiety a distinctive Inclusive Solutions creation for understanding and processing anxiety in ourselves and others. 

17th – How to have a respectful conversation about race – featuring respected educational psychologist and Associate working in Southwark – Marsha Douglas

We continue the #BLM conversation that needs to continue right now if we are all to be stronger, more respectful and inclusive. 

24th – Holding the Long view – Shared vision for resilient, strong teams

Reflecting on and celebrating those who have helped shape us to be who we are – what can we learn form these relationships to not only help ourselves at this time but to be our very best for others who need us? Also an opportunity for some shared visioning for resilience, strong teams and families using our respected person centred processes.

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Cost: Pay what you can afford


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About the Trainers:

Colin Newton was Principal Educational Psychologist of City of Nottingham LA from 1998 – 2001, where he contributed to the consultation on and successful development of an inclusive education policy across the LA. In 1999 Colin and Derek Wilson collaborated in the writing of their best seller Circles of Friends reflecting some 5 years of training and development work to bring this approach to the UK.

In 2001 he co-founded Inclusive Solutions with Derek to promote the mainstream inclusion of all children and adults across the UK whatever their difference, impairment or challenge. Inclusive Solutions provides accessible, interactive training on all aspects of inclusive practice, in inclusion settings and beyond. Colin’s career has been values driven, but also practical using applied psychology in training and real life problem solving with schools, families and individual children and young people.

Graphics and co-training  provided by Elliot Newton

‘I have been associated with Inclusive Solutions since very early in life, as Colin is my Dad! Because of this I have grown up with an inclusive attitude and have many friends who are disabled or different in some way, and I am quite proud that I was described by Jack Pearpoint as having “inclusion in my DNA”! I love training and I am a confident facilitator, whether its graphics, process or in the community, and beleive that the work we are doing at Inclusive Solutions is truly making an impact. I spent a few months in the US with Neighbours Inc. and Chatham-Savannah Citizen Advocacy, and learnt a lot about the ways that people can be supported in the community in a person centred way. I always wanted to work with people, which is what motivated me to pursue my Masters degree in Psychology (MSc) from Leeds Beckett University which I completed in September 2018. My dissertation project was focused on the ways Neurotypicals can support Autistic people to make new friends in the community and is available to read on our website. I now live in East London and travel around the UK supporting people to live the life they want to live’


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