Restorative Justice virtual ½ day session; Suffolk (16.9.21)

“It’s humanising and positive;

it’s about understanding what everyone needs”

Colin Newton from Inc Sols and Imogen Howarth from Suffolk EPS provided an online half day on Restorative Justice that was very popular and was rich in content and responses! 


This has been fantastic. Really interesting and informative. Plus some really practical steps and examples. 

This approach fits perfectly with the ethos of care and respect we are trying to create

This has been an excellent opportunity to reflect on our current practice and consider areas within the school where this is working well and where it may need further development

Informative session, good opportunity to understand our children and help to create a very positive culture within the school

Thinking about how to get the whole school involved. Think it’s a very useful approach in reducing FTE and PEX. Kids want to be heard and understood

I will be talking to SLT … I will talk about sharing some of the key points with all staff 

Something I feel I can use at school and at home between my children!

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