SEN Draft Code of Practice 2014 – Person Centred Planning

At long last Person Centred Planning is being recommended in the UK…

‘Effective planning should help parents, children and young people express their needs, wishes and goals and should:

  • focus on the child or young person as an individual, not their SEN label;
  • be easy for children, young people and their parents to understand and useclear ordinary language and images, rather than professional jargon;
  • highlight the child or young person’s strengths and capacities;
  • enable the child or young person, and those who know them best, to say what they have done, what they are interested in and what outcomes they are seeking in the future;
  • tailor support to the needs of the individual;
  • organise assessments to minimise demands on families; and
  • bring together relevant professionals to discuss and agree together the overall approach.This approach is often referred to as ‘person-centred planning’. Using this approach within a family context, educational settings, professionals and local authorities can ensure that parents, children and young people are genuinely involved in all aspects of planning and decision making. Drawing up a one-page profile of the child or young person can help to ensure that those working with them and their parents have an accessible summary of the information about them, ensuring that EHC plans are developed with the child, young person and parents and reflect aspirational and achievable outcomes.’ SEN Draft Code of Practice 2014

Contact us now to get direct training for your teams on Person Centred Planning from seasoned facilitators who have been using these processes in Educational contexts and elsewhere for over 15  years. We have recently given inputs to Sheffield, Wrexham, Surrey, Suffolk, Lincolnshire…

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