Sleep Tight Project – for Parents & Carers

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Look Inside Sensory Learning & Play C.I.C. was founded in 2013, by experienced members of the local community with qualifications ranging from; qualified Social Worker, Lecturer, Health & Social Care Specialist to International Marketing and Business Management. With over 30 years experience in the social care and business sector; the vision is therapeutic learning hub which meets the needs of vulnerable groups in the community.

We have identified that there is a need for the services we provide and know from professional and personal experience that children and young people aged 0-25 benefit from a safe environment to be nurtured through play. We provide a service where people with special learning needs or disabilities, but not limited to, can enjoy the freedom of social interactive play in our sensory play centre. This service is unique because it offers an opportunity for children and young people with additional needs, respite from their lives and a sense of therapeutic play in our sensory play centre.

Our focused services include; school social work, applied theraplay, BRIDGE, mentoring, counselling and behavioural support from our highly trained and friendly social workers/counsellor/mentors. Our team has a vast knowledge, skills and experience of working with children & young people who have additional needs, disabilities and behavioural needs. They have set up programmes to encourage effective engagement in education, family networks and the community, through strategies used as tools for success. We are confident in planning and implementing group and 1:1 sessions successfully to ensure children and young people engage in positive activities.

The Project…
Sensory Learning & Play have identified the need for supporting parents and carers with disabled children & young people, who have sleep problems. The project will be for a total of 6 weeks, 1 hour per week online via zoom and will cover;
  • Understand the importance of healthy sleep on growth, development and learning
  • Advise for new parents on how to instil healthy sleep habits from the start.
  • Identification of common childhood sleep disorders
  • Creating individual sleep action plan and support parents in addressing behavioural sleep issues, and tailor this plan to the individual needs of the family, taking into account parenting style preferences
  • Be able to recognise the possible symptoms of the less common sleep disorders
  • Know when to refer a child to a specialist service


The project will be free for parents and will offer them a chance to build positive relationships with community members, a sense of belonging- ultimately reducing isolation as well as healthy parenting techniques for sleep hygiene.

You can sign up by completing the online forms here

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