Supporting your Child’s Mental Health Post-Lockdown

Good Morning,

 Back in January I shared some ideas to support your children’s mental health. Whilst the Delta variation is gathering pace the end of lockdown measures look likely in July…

Let’s review those ideas…

Ideas you can use to look after your child’s mental health and support their emotional needs:

  • Stay positive with them – however much you want to complain or moan at them – that means praise – 4 positives to each negative you communicate to them – Still needed!
  • Encourage them – you know what brings out the best in them Still needed!
  • Try and respect, nurture and even join in with them in their interests and passions  Give them their own space with friends now…
  • Little and often when doing schoolwork with them – do not get into any battles – stay calm and keep breathing! Still needed with homework!
  • Model positive behaviour as your children are always watching you whatever their age… be the change you want to see in them Still needed!
  • Interrupt negative self-talk or damaging self-abusive behaviours – turn negatives into reframed positive language Still needed!
  • Listen, listen, listen… Still needed!
  • Play and have real fun with them, make the time… Still needed!
  • Love them openly in words and actions Always needed – even when they are adults!

Still plenty needed!

Colin Newton


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