Therapeutic Services Offer to tackle Mental Health challenge

We work with children or young people recovering from brain damage, accidents or longer term disability including those with challenging behaviour, or social and communication issues.

Such young people will include those who are highly at risk of residential placement out of county:

• Have become marginalised or lonely
• Have social and communication needs
• Experience severe social anxieties
• Present emotional and behavioural needs that challenge
• Have become highly vulnerable and isolated
• Experience high levels of anxiety in ordinary community settings
• Are not in education or employment or training/apprenticeships (NEETs)
• Experience the impact of disabling attitudes and have severe and complex impairments

Inclusive Solutions are one of the UK’s leading professional facilitators of social and educational inclusion and provide training for groups of teachers, parents, families and social workers – aiming to make services better and improve the lives of vulnerable people by increasing the quality of the Person Centred Planning that is provided.

Further Info can be found in this document – THerapeutic services to prevent out county placement


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