What will it take to include any child in their local school? Supporting Ordinary Lives…

I was working with ‘Supporting Ordinary Lives‘ Motherwell Glasgow – a few months ago run by an inspirational team – Donna, Ashleigh, Laura and many others. Their approach to working with disabled adults is deceptively simple. What do you want to have a good life? Let us help you figure it out and achieve it! Families purchase this support and SOL deliver whatever and wherever they can you make a ‘good life’ closer to reality!

It has me wondering – what would this really and truly look like in a school context? What do you want for a good school life?  What do the child and family want from education? Can we help you figure it out and support you living it and experiencing it? What do we need to do at school to make a good life more likely later on?

Probably we would need a person centred plan? Maybe some problem solving… Often some creativity…

Who would purchase what was needed? The school? The family? The Local Authority? Personal Budgets?

If we really did what was needed – and not quickly move tho viewing the child or young person as a problem or an obstacle that needs removing – where would we end up?

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Welcome to SOL…
Supporting the people we work for to live the life they choose.
CHOICE and CONTROL sits at the heart of what we do and how we do it.

We support people to lead not just ordinary but extraordinary lives in the community as valued citizens. We exist to ensure that the people we work for in SOL are assisted to take control, make choices and take their place as valued citizens within the communities they choose to live in.

We see the ability and potential in everyone and realise that by working in partnership with the person that we can make real change happen and deliver real outcomes.

We respect that each person has dreams and aspirations. We will work together to plan and make the possible happen for each person. We will listen and respect what you and those who know you best tell us about how you want your money to be used. We will ensure that you get the best value for money from your individual budget.

We have experience and are committed to assist people who are furthest from the labour market to move along the pathway, closer to work.

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