Leeds Community Circle

The Community Circle in Leeds is currently on hold but will be continuing in the near future!

Keep checking this page or contact Elliot Newton (elliotnewton@gmx.co.uk) for more information.

Held at the Apple Store Trinity Leeds
Hi Everyone!

The purpose of these meetings is to give people a way to get stuck in with their local community by creating a situation where we can help each other out. Very similar to this app, but just in person rather than digitally.

We will be discussing any needs or wants anyone has which can be absolutely anything, last time someone wanted to learn sign language, and happened to be sitting next to someone who was fluent, who then offered to teach her. Then we will move on to our offers section where anyone with good skills or unemployed people can offer a service to the group. This can also be an offer of something physical such as an old sofa etc..

Come along and make some local connections, bring, whatever needs/wants/offers you have, it is open to anyone especially those who have pressing urgent needs or are very isolated etc, so invite anyone you know is in need and we can try and help them. We are an inclusive group and we are in a safe and friendly environment so feel welcome and bring a friend. This is being spread by word of mouth and is not associated with Apple, but they have been kind enough to let us use their venue as they like the idea and have love for their local communities.

Hope to see you all there!
Any questions send me a message or email me at elliotnewton@gmx.co.uk




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