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Description: ‘Learning to Listen – Positive Approaches and People with Difficult Behaviour’ The ONE book that is a must read for anyone whose work is to serve people with difficult behaviour. ‘Learning to Listen’ is by far and away the most thumbed book in my collection and a continual source of fresh challenges to how we understand and support individuals with disabilities and challenging behaviour. No one is better than Herb Lovett in dismantling the inhuman absurdities of ‘behaviour management techniques’ and pointing the way towards a truly person centred approach. Herb was fearless in tackling troublesome topics such as professional fears and biases, staff and consumer abuse, restraints and self-injurious behaviour Herb Lovett was a Boston based clinical psychologist and research associate with the Institute on Disability at the University of New Hampshire. He worked to promote inclusive supports in and equal access to education, work, housing, and human rights for children and adults with disabilities. He was the co-founder and past president of the Autism National Committee, until his untimely death in 1998. Learning to Listen has been a best seller within the inclusion movement since its publication in 1996 and has been an inspiration to those seeking to uphold the human rights and dignity of children and adults with ‘difficult behaviour’.

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