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Description: As a direct support worker you can choose to make a positive difference in the lives of the people you assist. If you choose to make a positive difference, you will join the direct support workers in this book. These workers deserve to be called “Everyday Heroes” because, day after day, they support people with disabilities to act as full citizens who make a worthwhile contribution to their communities. Direct support work is seldom glamorous and it is not a way to become rich in money, but it can be important and it can be rich in human relationships if you decide to make it so. This book comes from what we have learned from direct support workers as they step back from the busy-ness of their work and ask themselves, “When we are at our very best, what works to improve the lives of the people we support?” and “What makes our work worth doing?” The ideas and activities you find in this guidebook have met this test: direct support workers, people with disabilities, and family members have used them and found them helpful.

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