Restorative Justice at Ryton Park Video




Format: MP4

Description: “Restorative Interventions in Schools Target Audience: Primary and Secondary teachers, heads and deputies, middle managers Psychologists Support Service Staff Advisers Created by Inclusive Solutions Aims:

  1. To introduce participants to Restorative Interventions
  2. To develop understanding of value and role in developing inclusive practice of Restorative Interventions
  3. To demonstrate how KS1 children can be involved in restorative conferences
  4. To demonstrate how KS2 pupils can chair RJ conferences with minimal adult support

The Video Download has two clips on it. One describes from a pupil’s perspective the power of ‘Fall out stoppers’ a wonderful way to encourage mediation and communication before a fight actually occurs. The second clip shows a restorative conference in action. The pupils are in KS1 and two KS2 girls chair the session. A “Restorative Intervention” is a non-adversarial approach to conflict resolution where the person who has done something wrong in a given situation becomes accountable to those s/he has harmed. This person is then given the opportunity to “make up” for their inappropriate behaviour through agreement and reparation. An Intervention can involve a formal conference, or it can be a simple conversation on a corridor or playground. Restorative Interventions work with all ages of young people, and the techniques can be used in parental meetings, can prevent exclusions and challenge poor behaviour. Our feedback tells us that when problems between young people are addressed in this way, those problems rarely reoccur. Including all those affected by an incident in its resolution is a powerful way of producing significant improvements in behaviour.


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