Solution Circle Full Package




Format: MP4

Description: This is a short and powerful tool that takes no more than a half hour. It is effective in getting “unstuck” from a problem in life or work. Solution Circles are tools of “community capacity”. It assumes and demonstrates that nearby people – in any community or work place have the capacity to help – if asked. It requires a person to ASK – not an easy thing in our culture of privacy and “do it alone”. Based on the work of Jack Pearpoint and Marsha Forest of Inclusion Press Canada this is a live demonstration in real time of the problem solving process in action.

This package provides:

  1. A field recording of a Solution Circle taking place in a school with a range of agencies supporting a SENCO.
  2. Photos of graphics showing the steps involved in a Solution Circle.

Outcomes of video viewing:

  1. To learn from two experienced facilitators the process of a Solution Circle.
  2. To improve problem solving processes when time is.
  3. To learn a simple but powerful structured problem solving process.


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