The Anger Management Toolkit


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Young people often express themselves through anger, in sudden outbursts with little pause for thought and frequently out of proportion to the trigger. This innovative toolkit suggests alternative responses and ways of understanding the underlying causes, as well as tried-and-tested techniques that can be adapted for individuals or groupwork. Examines the issues around anger and its impact on social relationships. Using age-appropriate methods the theme of the wolf is used to help youngsters understand their feelings and respond more appropriately. Wolves have many facets: they can be very angry but also very nurturing; loners as well as protective of their families. Photocopiable resources, including communication activities, worksheets, drawings, self-questionnaires, puppetry and role play with costume and masks will assist youth workers, teachers, therapists and parents working with young people to explore, express, understand and transform their anger in more appropriate ways. All activities and worksheets are included on the FREE CD-ROM.

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