The Bugle

I have recently started to teach a group of Boys Brigade boys how to play the bugle in Nottingham, UK. I had not played since I was 16 but the memories and old skills soon returned. Talking with Derek my friend and inclusive partner the richness of the bugle as a metaphor for life and gifts became clear.

The bugle has only 5 notes. Yet the possibilities of meaning, which these few notes can create, are striking.

  • Reveille, the wake up call!
  • Last Post, the sound of remembrance for lost souls
  • Come to the cook house door boys, a call for food and fellowship
  • Fall in, draws attention for all to come together
  • Retreat, a call for all to fall back and regroup
  • Marching tunes, a wide range of tunes for all to march along with

All of us have notes in us. Some play all five in clear and powerful melodies. Others only one or two notes but perhaps these are rhythmic. We can all march or roll along to simple bugle marching tunes not everyone has to play all the notes for this to be successful. Some can play a few low notes; others play rhythmically without too many highs and lows. Others will play the melody loud and clear for all to hear. The combined sound is what is best!

Let us all find our notes, play them as best we can and unite in clear meaningful messages for the world to hear!

Colin Newton

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