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Person Centred Planning (PCP) is a powerful tool for visioning, future planning and team building. It gets everyone on the same page and creates a progressive, constructive atmosphere so it is especially useful for people who are feeling ‘stuck’ or in a really desperate situation. The PCP processes we teach are called “PATH” and “MAPs”, and are both used for different situations. 

“To facilitate a group, family, team or organisation in thinking together around a given challenge or issue. Here is an opportunity to experience for real the person centred, futures planning tool – MAP/PATH” (Pearpoint, Forest, O’Brien. 1989).

PCP can focus on an individual, with family and friends in the room supporting them, or focus on a group who want to set goals, and realise their potential as a team. PCP focuses on hopes and dreams, so is a very positive approach to planning, and utilises graphic facilitation, making it a very friendly way of working that is accessible to everyone. 

This unique, hands on PCP training course explores the difference between ‘person-centred thinking’ and ‘service-centred thinking’. Traditionally, we have not always listened deeply enough to the needs of those we are planning for. Often ‘medical model’ thinking dominates our planning for those with the most complex needs. Typically we plan ‘about’ rather than ‘with’ children and adults. 

We examine this ‘service centred’ approach that most professionals are used to, and question its limitations. This values based approach to inclusion will give participants the ‘theory’ behind why thinking and working in a person centred way is so important, and challenges people to strive for more for the people we are planning around. In addition to the knowledge and theory, this course empowers participants to facilitate their own Person Centred Plans using the PATH or MAPs process and provides the skills to do this effectively. 

We specialise in autism in mainstream schools, inclusion of students with disabilities, education psychology, autism education, community building and training on inclusion.

Learning objectives

  • Strengthen understanding of how to think in a person centred way
  • Knowledge of the steps of PATH / MAPs process
  • Ability to facilitate PATH/MAPs process
  • Ability to graphically facilitate a PCP meeting
  • Develop problem solving and planning skills

Who is it for?

  • Person Centred Planning Facilitators
  • Multi Agency Teams
  • Social workers
  • CAMHS teams
  • Year Managers
  • Primary and secondary staff teams
  • Early Years and School based Practitioners
  • Heads and Deputies
  • Advanced Skills Teachers
  • Primary and secondary teachers
  • Local Authority Support Services
  • Voluntary Organisations
  • Leadership Teams
  • Anyone interested in team building or group visioning


Typical Structure of 2-Day “Introduction to PCP with Skills” Training

This course is most useful when delivered over 2 days so we have time to cover the ‘skills’ behind facilitating a PATH or a MAP. Here is an example of what usually happens. If you need us to, we can tailor any of our courses to suit your specific needs. 

Day 1


  • What makes a good welcome?
  • Service centred thinking and working – what does it involve, how does it make people feel?
  • Reflections on current practices – what is useful and what is harmful?
  • Introduction to underpinning values of person centred thinking and working 
  • In depth exploration of the fundamentals of inclusion – encouraging identity, focusing on gifts and capacities 
  • Sharing success stories, and personal insight from experienced psychologists
  • Showcasing a number of practical PCP process in action
  • Introduction to the “5 service accomplishments”, or “5 ordinary needs”


  • Full PATH process demonstration, led by 2 experienced facilitators – one process facilitator and one graphic facilitator
  • Volunteers will make notes on what they see the facilitators doing and feedback at the end of the day
  • Feedback, Q&A 

Day 2


  • Graphics Academy – we will ease you into the world of graphic facilitation and show you how simple it really is – includes live coaching and graphics tutorial, then participants will practice on each other by facilitating the first 1 or 2 sections of the PATH 
  • Process Academy – we will give you some pointers about holding the group, and facilitating in an inclusive way, this is another chance to practice your new graphics skills


  • The group is divided up, and volunteers are selected to facilitate PATH meetings 
  • The group then run the PATH’s simultaneously with an experienced coaches in the room to guide and to be available for questions
  • We reconvene to feedback about the process and digest all we have learnt
  • Brief Q&A session and then final reflections
We specialise in autism in mainstream schools, inclusion of students with disabilities, education psychology, autism education, community building and training on inclusion.

Inclusive Solutions offer:

We could provide training for a team of staff, or we could facilitate a PATH or MAP around a disabled person. We can also offer bespoke training packages, please enquire for more details. 

  • 1 day “Introduction to PCP” with up to 100 attendees focusing on ‘Person Centred Thinking’ – includes live demonstration of PATH or MAPs Process (for a member of the group / with a student and their family/friends). 
  • 2 day “PCP Skills training” – More skills focused, lots of practice. Includes Graphics academy, Process academy and Coaching (Best with under 30 attendees).
  • 2 day “Introduction to PCP with Skills training” – includes live demonstration of PATH or MAPs process, Graphics academy, Process academy and Coaching (Best with under 30 attendees). 
  • Half day PATH or MAP for a disabled person, led by two experienced Inclusive Solutions facilitators. 
  • Full day PATH or MAP for a team, organisation or group such as a full school staff led by two experienced Inclusive Solutions facilitators. 


We would bring the training to you at whatever venue you prefer. You would be responsible for this part. We are happy to travel anywhere to provide training.


For a live demonstration or PCP event around a disabled person of any age, we would encourage you to invite as wide a range of participants as you can including other pupils, family members and a wider range of ‘natural supports’ who love and care for them, as well as the staff team. 

So for example recently when planning around a child called H we asked for the following to attend:

– People who love H (family – including extended family- best friends)

– People who like H (friends and acquaintances, and others) 

– People who support H (for example teaching support, private therapists and so on… )

– Major Stakeholders (headteacher, representatives of the local authority and others)


£2000 per day plus travel, accommodation (if necessary) and VAT. 

£950 per half day plus travel, accommodation (if necessary) and VAT. 

We always send two experienced facilitators to all of our training and planning events. 

Please reach out if you have any questions regarding our pricing structure or if you would like us to create a bespoke training package to meet your needs.  

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