Training Values

All our training is guided by the following principles:

  1. Inclusion is non-negotiable and “ALL MEANS ALL”

    These are not “Tips for Teachers” days. We are not interested in passing on techniques without also making explicit the values that need to underpin them. Anything else is just unsafe and risks becoming another thing we ‘do to’ young people.

  2. Building Relationships lies at the heart of developing inclusive practice

    All of our training is about encouraging connection especially in difficult situations – those where imaginative responses are needed.

  3. Inclusion is more than the work of one person

    Strong and effective teams with a shared vision are key to delivering new ways of working and they know that “Together We’re Better”.

  4. We want people who attend our training to leave the day with some immediate changes to their practice in mind

    Not just ‘good intentions’.  It’s the little things (and enough of them) we do differently tomorrow that will make a difference.

  5. We want people to leave with their eye on the ‘Long View’

    – with a stronger sense of what they would love to see happening in their work in 10 or 20 years time.

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