Behaviour Management Training

Consider our behaviour management training for a fresh perspective

For those that work closely with children, and in particular children who have challenging behaviour, it’s important to continue learning and evolve our sense of understanding. Whilst you may attend the standard classes provided, perhaps it’s time you looked at how you manage certain behaviours and find a new approach.

Whether you work in a primary school, secondary school, early years school or even an adult setting, you could benefit from our behaviour management training

At Inclusive Solutions, this course all about offering a relationship-based approach and looking at ways to tackle certain behaviours. This particular course will cover the following learning objectives

  • Reinforce good practice
  • Access to a broader range of strategies that will help you deal with certain scenarios
  • Chance to reflect on your own attitude
  • Challenge your thinking about the inclusion of challenging young people
  • Improve understanding of emotions and behaviours
  • Increase confidence
  • Learn new skills which will benefit your career and those around you

It’s our hope that after you’ve attended, you’ll be able to reflect on your attitude and current practice towards children’s behaviour and relationship building. If you’d like to book us to come to your place of work, get in touch via our website today.

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