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Keys to Inclusion

The key speakers were really thought provoking.

They were fantastic!

I really enjoyed the introductory session with Derek and Colin. I felt the way it was presented taught us a great deal about ‘thinking outside the box’ in terms of inclusion.

Excellent – very well presented.

Excellent presentation – lots of active participation.

Colin and Derek involved us and kept us motivated.

Reaffirmed my values and principles re inclusion.

This was very useful for making us think from the child’s point of view.

Impact – more preparation to welcome families more effectively.

Learnt to go right back to basics and not to judge people.

Impact – to prepare the welcome for parents and ensure this happens all the time.

Very well presented – passionate and thought provoking.

The enthusiasm of the presenters was inspiring.

This was very interesting and made me very reflective.

Watch some comments from our “Keys To Inclusion” training in Nottingham


Keys to Inclusion – Next Set

The feedback was stunning and with some really heartfelt comments. Thanks so much for such a thought provoking and challenging day. Many people have come up to me this morning and commented on the value of the day to them both personally and professionally.

We will have an organizing team debrief and agree where we go next. I liked the idea of producing a feedback booklet for participants which includes themes, photos and comments from the day – so we will discuss this idea and you would be able to get a copy. We have an early years and childcare newsletter which goes out quarterly, so we will definitely have an article and photos in that – I can send you a copy of that for starters.

We will definitely be looking at a session for childminders – probably next financial year – but will be in touch about that.

A flavour of some of the comments:-


‘An unforgettable day’

‘The vision we all dreamed of today is not a possibility but a reality if we all work together and support each other’

‘The whole day had a big impact on my day to day attitudes, responsibilities and awareness of the community around me’

‘Visual and auditory aids were particularly interesting’

‘Being able to share views and opinions on what it means to run an inclusive provision/setting’

‘Reflecting on the meaning of inclusion, I was able to visualize the past and the focus of future work’

‘I have learnt a lot about people, team work, friendship, and kindness and strength together’

Thanks again!! ‘Extremely inspiring’!

Person Centered Planning

Comments from Inclusion Manager in Pembrokeshire, Wales. 2017.

Excellent training!

Fantastic course – inspiring leaders.

I feel I have developed my knowledge and skills and the information provided will inform my future SENCo ethos.

Very insightful and informative

There were also several responses of ‘nothing’ when asked how we could make this course even better.


Group PATHs

PATHs for individuals



Behaviour: Fresh Approaches to Behaviour and Relationships

Behaviour and Relationships in Northern Ireland
Behaviour and Relationships in Arnold, Nottingham, 2017.

Great – enjoyed the interaction and the joining in.

Just to say I really LOVED the training today-the best training I have been on in ages-really high quality training with very interesting and creative trainers. Fantastic. Will be helpful to me with my son and also in my work as a social worker.

Used language that was easy to understand.

Excellent content and delivery. Really gave me food for thought regarding my own practice. I will see challenging behaviour in a new light.

I will be using the circle of courage principles to underpin my values in working with pupils.

I plan to use the circle of courage to evaluate and each child’s emotional and environmental position.

Plan to try harder to reach out to children with challenging behaviour and support them better.

Impact – incorporate ‘encouragement menus’ in our behaviour plans.

I will take this back to our staff meeting – particularly the way we deal with behaviour, and use to demonstrate to staff.

Excellent and thought provoking (impact – to update my team on emotional intelligence – their own!)

Impact – to look further into reasons behind behaviour and everyone’s reactions.

“We are privileged and delighted that Colin and Derek are returning to Galway to work with us. The training event in April was a truly amazing learning experience for us as trainers. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to participate so far – you don’t know what you’ve been missing!”

Breda Lymer, West Training & Development Ltd., Galway.

A BIG THANK YOU for everything you did to make the conference such a success – everyone I spoke to on Friday was still ‘buzzing’ after it.

I thought you might like to have a note of just a few of the many, many wonderful evaluations of your speech and workshops – evaluations for both were 100% successful in terms of content, preparation and delivery.

A “Thank You”

“Hi Colin and Derek. I was at your workshop on Saturday and had a great day. You were both great. What an enjoyable day. I left feeling enlightened and wondering how i will use my new found ways to approach my setting and family behavioural ups and downs. If possible could you please forward me the name of the film that you used in the first half on “Welcome”. This few minutes of film was very moving and I would like to watch the whole film. Again thank you for Saturday: it was a lot more than I expected and helped me to see things in a whole new way personally and professionally,”


Feedback from Inclusive Solutions “Fresh Approaches to Behaviour” Training in Prague

Why did you choose this training?

  • I work as a school psychologist and solve the problems with children with behavioral challenges daily
  • Collegues recommandation
  • I don t know how to cope with behavioral challenges
  • I wanted to compare with my own experiences and I want to use the new strategies in practice
  • I work as a classroom teacher in the classroom where is a child with very complicated diagnosis, also with behavioral and emotional disorders
  • I wanted to learn new things, approaches and use them in practice
  • I need the information and strategies not only for school but also to use them in my family
  • Because I teach in the class with several children with behavioral challenges
  • I wanted to get info which I need for my work
  • I am very much interested in inclusive Education
  • I want to help children and I am interested in new methods also
  • Are you satisfied with the training?

People’s Answers

  • Very much.
  • Fantastic.
  • Useful.
  • More than satisfied.
  • I regret that the literature is available only in English.
  • The best course I have ever been to.
  • Brilliant.
  • 100% and I will use the tools in future.
  • Perfect. I am sorry that other collegues from my school could not be with us.

Meeting Boys Needs

After 2 Days on site School Based Work

“Thank you so much for an excellent two days. I was especially moved by the second evening and all that the team brought to it. I don’t think I could ever have created a vision like that alone or earlier in my time at the school.”


Restorative Justice

Thanks for your work with us -much appreciated! All the best!

-Patsy Wagner

‘I have just done a rough count of children who have been involved in Restorative Conferences since we completed our training with you and I am up to about 100 children. We have also had about 12 parents involved in conferences. We are using the language so much it is second nature and there have been many more children who have benefited from this I’m sure! We are really pleased with how it is going and just this week me and Jane Cunningham (Head Teacher) have held a couple of really successful conferences where the children have been so on board and positive at the end of the process it has confirmed to us that we are doing the right thing! We have had times when we doubt what we are doing because we are still struggling to get some staff on board but luckily we have been able to remind each other of our successes! We both agree that your training was very inspiring and would like to thank you for that! We will keep chipping away at everyone! Thanks again

-Alison Holmes, Relationship Manager, Seaview Primary

Feedback from a Secondary Head after a day on behaviour and relationships with the full secondary staff team:

Thank you so much for the excellent traing day you delivered last week. I found the whole expereience quite uplifting and inspirational.I have always been a great believer in the restorative approach to behaviour management and you provided the evidence that it actually works. The day gave all the staff food for thought and I hope they will now begin to use this approach more.There was already evidence on the first day of school for pupils that staff were adopting a different approach. Thank you so much for helping us to make a difference.

And from the deputy head:

Today has to have been one of the very best INSET days I have personally been to – full of practical tips and techniques to use in the classroom; and also proof that this approach does work in practice. It really was inspirational and an excellent start to the term.

Feedback from secondary teacher after whole Secondary school INSET day:

Although I spoke to Derek right after the course, to express my thanks and offer some immediate feedback, I feel compelled to write to offer a little more of both. I personally found the whole day immensely rewarding; I often enjoy good INSET days and I am always seeking new sources of inspiration, but, as you revealed early on, many of my colleagues do not share my enthusiasm for such activities. The sustained applause at the end of the session was indeed a powerful testament to the breadth of your ‘reach’ throughout the staff; I have never known such a full and ringing endorsement of a staff development session, as I said afterwards to Derek. It was only later on in the afternoon, in the staffroom, that I became increasing aware of how wide and how deep the immediate effects were. I heard no negative feedback at all and people who rarely express positive sentiments about anything to do with staff training were engaged in active discussion about the positive feelings which had been released by your input that day. Several of us ‘old guard’ agreed that we had not witnessed such uplifting staff reaction to anything for a very long time. “It’s just like the old days, when we all used to have so much more fun!” said a particularly valued colleague. Thinking back, it was also very noticeable that there was so much discussion during the breaks in the day about the course; this is also relatively rare in my experience. I have no doubt that your course will have much more impact in the longer term. I could go on to list all the aspects of your course which made it so successful, but I think you are well aware of these already. I will just offer two bits of feedback which were not appropriate to give at the time:

  1. We found it painfully difficult to come up with a title for the “vision” and what we arrived at was unsatisfactory. Perhaps this was partly because we were trying to label something at the start of the process, before any of us knew what it was going to be. (This was about the only thing which niggled me during the day)
  2. On a purely personal note I was really shocked that there was so little true idealism (as I would define it) in people’s vision of an ‘ideal’ future. My older colleagues tell me that few people bring any idealism into teaching today, which would greatly sadden me if it were true. That activity would seem to bear this out (but perhaps there is a more straightforward explanation why so many things suggested were pragmatic rather than idealistic?)

I’ve taken enough of your time. I’d just like to say a really sincere THANK YOU to both of you.


Sensory Sensitivities:

Hi Colin and Derek, really enjoyed the training yesterday, it was excellent. Must admit when you were working on the “circles” it reminded me of “Meet the Fockers films “ and Robert Dinero’s “circle of trust” Re the sensory work I have in my possession a sensory assessment for a child I work with. The only bit I understand is the section on food. I have written to the occupational therapist who carried out the assessment, requesting that she draws up a list of what does and what doesn’t work with this young man. He goes to holiday clubs and to a pair of carers and they would benefit from the sensory advice, if it was intelligible.

Covering the subject of sensory sensitivity, reminded me of an experience I had last year. I bought a pair of tickets to go up the coast on the excursion vessel the Balmoral. I was thoroughly enjoying myself and had a great time looking through the glass panelling , into the engine room, as my dad was a chief engineer at sea. I managed to catch the Bal moral’s chief engineer on deck and asked if I could go into the engine room. On entering the engine room I was hit by the heat, the noise and the smell of diesel and lub oil. I was momentarily ecstatic, however, I then became very emotional and had to leave the engine room quickly, as the heat, the noise and the smell brought back memories of my dad, who has been dead for 18 years. Regards


Working with Parents

“Made me more aware of how to approach parents and carers”,

“It couldn’t have been improved. All the speakers were good”,

“I’ll have a more positive approach to welcoming people”

“It will encourage us as practitioners to listen and think a little more”

“We have so much more to put into practice as a reult of the day”

“Lots of ideas to take back to my setting”

“Made me more aware of how to work with parents effectively”

“Will go back to my setting with a more positive attitude”

Parent Solution Circles


Circles of Friends

“In an intact group the pool of shared understandings is like a shared bank account of the group wealth”

Colin Newton and Derek Wilson invite closing reflections after a day with educationalists in Tower Hamlets, in London on their training on ‘Circle of Friends approach to friendship and inclusion.’

The course has made me think that everyone feels excluded at some time in their life, including me. Previously I have thought disability and inclusion is something that is happening around me and this course has made me realise I am a big part of that, particularly with my family and friends.

Having a good circle of friends myself it has made me understand what it must feel like to have that circle taken away. Therefore, I will in future not judge anyone and make more of an effort to find out people’s thoughts and feelings both in my work and my private life and offer help to school and encourage people to attend future Kindred Spirits courses.

It makes me want to go out there and get a more ‘hands on’ job with children. I regret not training to be a teacher.

The Circle of Friends day was brilliant and I feel like going out to every school and enforcing them everywhere!

I shall be going home and telling my 8 year old son all about it and I hope he’ll spread the word to his teachers.

Community Circles

“it is a meeting which is free with food and drink and where able and disabled people come together completely equally and help each other in all sorts of little and big ways […]this meets one of the greatest needs of the disabled person: to be able to help and to give. Also in the meeting there is a chance to share in two’s good things and needs in a respectful way. Thank you again for a lovely uplifting experience.”

“I really enjoyed the gathering [community circle] and it just highlighted what inclusion is all about. I have never seen it so brilliantly demonstrated; it was as if a veil had been lifted from my eyes.”


Leadership Seminar – Reigate

Trainers: Inclusive Solutions
Delegates: 16

Ratings: Poor / OK / Good / Very Good

  • The trainer’s knowledge of the subject – Very Good 100%
  • The trainer’s delivery of the workshop – Very Good 100%
  • The pace of the workshop – Very Good 100%
  • The level the workshop was pitched at – Very Good 100%

Were the workshop objectives met?

Ratings: Not at All / Partly / Mostly / Completely

  • Completely – 100%

Further comments:

“A fantastic day. Feel very motivated and happy. I wish all training could be like this”

“Fantastic Seminar”

“Fantastic visual, entertaining, great informative session”

“Best training I’ve ever attended. Fun, informative, thought provoking and extremely enjoyable! There hasn’t been a single negative during the course – absolutely fantastic!”

“Really enjoyable and very informative”

“Wow, fantastic course. Well delivered. Lovely not using death by PowerPoint. Everyone worked as a team. Fun, useful, knowledgeable. What more can I say … well done lads”

“Wonderful workshop, very interesting. Helped me to deal with issues within the setting if needed”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect before arriving and found the day fantastic, eye opening and really inspiring”

“I found it inspirational – fantastic speakers, very interactive”

“Really enjoyed this seminar. It was fun but also offered me a lot of ideas”

“Thank you, possibly the best course. Fun, motivating and gave me really good ideas. Had such fun (even on a Saturday workshop!)”

“Fun, interesting and knowledgeable”

“I thought it was a fab training – particularly as it was on a Saturday! Found it really interesting and very informative – thank you!”

“Fantastic and motivating day – excellent speakers with an immaculate presentation!”

“Inspirational, a fun and informative way to spend a Saturday. Lots to take back to the team. More please!”

Young People

Dear Colin and Derek, many people have helped me with my problems over the years, but no-one has helped me as much as you (and The Circle) have. Without the Circle (Your own very brilliant invention), I don’t think I’d have made it into year 11 let alone the sixth form. The Circle has taught me much about respecting other people and their wishes and now I send my respect to you, Colin and Derek. Thank you very much for the Circle.



Feedback from Inclusive Solutions Workshops – Seely Infant and Nursery School, 2012 -2013

Fresh Approaches to behaviour and Relationships Training Event with Parents and Staff

‘Just to say thanks very much for organising the workshop sessions with Colin Newton and Derek Wilson. I’ve been feeling a bit at the end of my tether with my son lately and had a few “light-bulb” moments in the session yesterday so thanks to everyone involved.’

Kate Newton, Parent

‘Fantastic, brilliant, enlightening, helpful, thought provoking, comforting are just some of the adjectives that just trip of my tongue when I begin writing this. My son is now 7 years old and was diagnosed 3 years ago with ASD/ADHA and with all the professionals and books I’ve read, this is the first time I’ve found a session i.e. something informative which speaks to the core of me – who I am – whom I think I should be and whom I want to be in the life of my son. The session has given me a foundation with which to build, grow and share. It has enabled me as a mother of a disabled child and my husband, dad of a disabled child, to begin a journey of being on the same page. In all our years knowing our son has a condition, these are the only two professionals who got us to agree on what’s acceptable. Alas I am not perfect so I most definitely and sincerely pray we have more of Derrick and Colin to help myself and others to find the correct tools which will aid us in dotting all the i’s and crossing the t’s in the lives of our children and most definitely as families. Derrick and Colin delivered perfectly and their method of delivery was so good, the impact was just phenomenal. More, more, more is what I say!! Thank you Seely, for making this so possible and I am praying that we will definitely have more. God bless!!’

Tetla Hunter, Parent

‘The workshop ‘Emotional Needs for Children’ was really brilliant. I learnt more new ideas about children’s behaviour. These workshops are helpful for parents to deal with Children’s behaviour. I enjoyed it and it encouraged me. I want to attend more activities like these – Thanks.’

Fozia, Parent

‘The workshop ‘Emotional Needs for Children’ was really good and brilliant. I learnt a lot from that. I think we should have more workshops like this so we can learn more and more useful things.’

Shamriza, Parent and MDS

‘Really great group of people – felt comfortable to speak out to ask for others opinions/ideas.

Made me feel that I was in the same boat as everyone else – just slightly different challenges as parents.

Explained really well in simple language – what children’s emotions/behaviours look like – and that – normal!!!

Made me feel more confident as new parent! And provided some really great advice practical ideas to help kids deal with loss and emotions i.e. anger. Enabled me to make new connections/friendships.’

Michele, Parent

‘It was good to recap things you do know because it reinforces your ideas. It helped me to link things together like understanding the underlying emotional needs. It was great to tighten up my thinking and make it clearer.’

Daljit, TA

‘I am the mum who had the privilege of introducing my lovable ten year old son before the participants at the powerful course organised by Inclusive Solutions. I do wish that more such professionals, as well as more parents, can be given the opportunity to attend such courses, which challenge non-inclusive beliefs. My intention is to promote your educational ethos for inclusion across the board, with all of the SEN professionals that work with my son, as well as non-inclusive schools, parents and any others disabled by their disabling views. I look forward to implementing Circle of Friends at my son’s school in the near future, as well as MAP and PATH.’

A Parent from Wimbledon

“I will speak to the Head Teacher later during the day and impress upon her the inspiring work done by Inclusive Solutions. We need your magic wand to transform the mindsets of countless professionals, parents and teachers, both in this country and abroad.”

A Parent from India

Legal Work:

‘Your report is brilliant. my advocate is very impressed. When it is put into court it will show up the false reports and incompetent reports of all of the fake “expert witnesses”. There are a number of important principles in your report writing (taking advice from parents, pursuit of the child’s interest first and foremost as opposed to that of the authority involved) that of which hopefully the Judge and LEA will take notice

Thanks once again.


International Training

I am a Greek secondary school teacher who attended the seminar that Derek Wilson and Colin Newton gave at Piraeus at Kaiti Laskaridou’s Libary on the 29th and 30th of March and I was really impressed. I have attended many courses of a similar kind but none was so well organised and so well understood. Most of them were purely theoretical with no practical hints or guidelines about what to do in practice.

‘The work of Inclusive Solutions was for me, the most memorable and dynamic. Their success was in making me really feel for those that are disabled in any way and the importance of caring enough to be active in creating systems/solutions with them and on their behalf.’

Feedback from a Group of Czech Particpants after three days working with Colin and Derek in Prague on Person Centred Planning and Social Inclusion
 Other examples of international training include; Italy, Malta, Bosnia, Prague, and Ukraine to name a few.


East of England Educational Psychologists 2014

Thank you so much for your uplifting keynote yesterday afternoon. It was thought-provoking for some and energising for others and was completely in line with the aims and objectives of the day.

You easily enlisted colleagues from the audience to illustrate the essence of person-centred planning and it was great to see how Lyn Griffiths from  (graphic facilitator) the graphic facilitator was recording the event – actively demonstrating how to record activities in a truly accessible way!

I also really liked her feedback to you at the end of the afternoon . . .if I remember correctly she talked about you ‘lifting the room’.

It was an absolute joy to have you there Colin . . a high quality professional presentation, delivered to time, and engaging everyone!

Thank you so much for all of the above and for bringing Claire Darwin or an absent colleague into the room too, her picture in your presentation smiling out at us all, and her values and beliefs echoed through your words!

Hopeful of opportunities to work with you in the future!


Anne – on behalf of the CPD Conference planning group, Anne Powell-Davies, Assistant Principal Educational Psychologist, Integrated Services for Learning, Children’s Services, Hertfordshire County Council, Pegs Lane, Hertford

Keynote Speech

”It made me think and realise how positive and friendly you have to be to everyone”

”The Keys to Inclusion was very well delivered. It was very powerful and extremely thought provoking.”

”I will try to find ways for our setting to make all children feel welcome and have good memories of their childhood with us.”

”It made me really think about my words/actions and impact within my early years group. The speech was very powerful and should be heard by everyone!”

”It made me understand how everyday practices may not be inclusive to all children.”

”I’ll remember that everyone is an important valued member of society.”

”I’ll keep striving to include and encourage inclusion of those who are often excluded due to disabilities.”

”It has given me back some confidence to take back to my setting after a disheartening experience last year. I realise it is still better to try.”

”It was inspirational. It will make me think about how I interact with everyone.”

”It made me think about how I view life as a whole.”

Childminders Conference

‘I have just got home from training you provided for childminders in Coventry on 21st June at the Techno Centre. What an excellent workshop. I was amazed how you both were able to get the childminders engaged in the activities. Personally I enjoyed the whole workshop: it was fantastic. It certainly made me think about how I provide care and reflect on my practice,and also reflect on how I see myself , and to take on board good criticism and feel positive about myself and what I do as a childminder.I have gain such a lot from the workshop and as a support childminder to newly registered childminders I will certainly be recommending your training.I would like to thank you both for providing a most enjoyable workshop. I now know what Jackie Hulme was raving about. Many thanks.’

Elaine Ward – Chair Coventry City Child minding Association

Heading for inclusion: Conference

‘A wonderful day and great to hear stories about such inclusive practice happening all over!! Keep it up!!’

‘An inspiring day which has refreshed and invigorated my belief in inclusion’ ‘Thank you’

‘Inclusive practice has become more daring, more radical, more inspirational = more inclusive. How exciting and encouraging!’

‘What a moving and energising day – there is so much we can do together’

‘Thank you to everyone involved in presenting yet another motivational, inspirational, enjoyable, emotional day of learning. I feel I have been treated to a banquet!’

‘Oh yes. We are getting there together’

Teaching Assistants Conference

Many thanks for your input at the Plymouth TA Conference on Friday 18th November. The feedback on the day was excellent and I have now had a chance to look through the evaluation sheets.

Almost every delegate gave you a 1 as their rating and comments included – Inspirational / absolutely first class / thought provoking and involving / all teachers should be made to attend this session / excellent, wish the whole school could have heard it / best presentation I have been to / A+ / entertaining morning / fun and thought provoking / made me think about my approach to SEN children / refreshing and creative!

Your input was very much appreciated – again very many thanks!


‘Very powerful in terms of getting the message across’

‘A thought seeking workshop with lots of interesting things to do’

‘Some parts were heart-rending but thought provoking. Excellent’


‘It challenged my heart and mind’

‘An excellent, powerful, challenging workshop. WOW!’

‘I started the day tired and jaded, not wanting to be there. I’m leaving motivated and inspired, to look at and make changes both personally and professionally.’

‘Very good, very clear, and personal life experience added that third dimension which made it really, and extremely self reflective.’

‘Very good, hard hitting, emotional… need more training like this. Best one of the embracing children’s needs days and the only one to do disability.’

‘It will take time before I reply – but on at a personal note I have felt reassured that more people are moving forward in the right direction.’

‘I have felt very involved, and have taken away a lot to think about.’

‘Made me think a lot deeper than usual.

‘Very rewarding, helps you to tune in to your own emotions

‘Content was excellent, embraced emotional needs of all children and gave practical examples and resolutions, Mole and Colin work well as a Team and the use of personal experiences made the training jump off the page and come alive.

‘Excellent course, the trainers were top class. Very impressed with the delivery of the course. Understanding was brilliant. It made me stop and think about changes I can make.

Problem Solving Approaches and Techniques


 Our Books

We specialise in autism in mainstream schools, inclusion of students with disabilities, education psychology, autism education, community building and training on inclusion.

Circle of Friends

I read your Creating Circles of Friends book from cover to cover over the summer and found it truly inspiring. I am hoping to work with my schools this year on introducing and persuading them to trust and believe in this very powerful and effective approach. I just hope that I can convey the enthusiasm and passion that your book has instilled in me.
Best wishes

Bryony Curtis Dr | Educational Psychologist

We specialise in autism in mainstream schools, inclusion of students with disabilities, education psychology, autism education, community building and training on inclusion.

Restorative Solutions

‘I found it a good book, well explained and quite necessary for schools. Most books are written from the medical model perspective; this will give people different dimensions.’

Astrid Greven, Onderwijs & Training, Holland

We specialise in autism in mainstream schools, inclusion of students with disabilities, education psychology, autism education, community building and training on inclusion.

Dear Parents

“Thank you very much for sending across the ‘Dear Parents’ book by Micheline Mason. Her book symbolises the invincibility of true human spirit and epitomises courage of the highest order.”


We specialise in autism in mainstream schools, inclusion of students with disabilities, education psychology, autism education, community building and training on inclusion.

Circle of Adults

Dear Inclusive Solutions, I have recently co-facilitated a Circle of Adults session with an Educational Psychologist. I found the session really powerful with amazing positive results. Unfortunately, I have not attended the training course for Circle of Adults, although the Educational Psychologist has. I read the book in great detail to prepare myself and have now purchased my own copy. During a recent staff meeting I shared my experiences with the team and we are all very interested in receiving the training for Circle of Adults. Would you be kind enough to let me know how the training is organised, costs, times etc. Thank you so much for this wonderfully insightful intervention!

Best regards, Julia Findlay

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