WEBINARS – January 2021 – Parents and Carers in Lockdown

 WEBINAR WORKSHOPS – Timing: Each session runs from 11am-12pm

Cost: Pay what you can afford

New Covid-19 inspired series delivered by psychologists Colin and Elliot Newton, plus Derek Wilson using the Zoom platform. We want to directly support and inform parents and carers and so indirectly benefit the children and young people with the greatest needs. Parenting is hard enough but supporting learning, hope and self image in these times has never been harder! Please share with anyone who might benefit… 

The webinars are focused on trying to parent, encourage, support and include children and young people at this difficult time. Engage and learn in the comfort of your own setting as we explore a range of challenges. The content of the sessions will aim to allow safe sharing of experiences, provide fresh insights as well as practical strategies. The sessions will be very easy to understand and will share wisdom of those present as well as provide some guiding ideas. 

Unable to make the time and date? You can access a replay if you enrol below – we will send a link by email.

Dates are as follows…

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Top Tips for Getting Better Rest in a Crazy World

By Raina Cordell

It feels like yesterday that I was planning spring break travel and activities for my family. My son was about to start little league football, and my daughter was preparing for her upcoming dance recital. The next thing I knew, all activities were canceled, schools were shut-down, and life as I knew it had seemingly changed overnight.

COVID-19, coronavirus, instantly transformed life for the entire world—but it’s just one example of a crisis that can increase worry and fear, making quality rest seemingly impossible. Hurricanes, the economy, negative news stories, and just the everyday stressors of life can all make coping a challenge.

Stress can contribute to sleep loss, but did you know that sleep loss can make stress worse? Keep reading to find out what science says about stress, the dangers of it, and how managing sleep properly could improve your ability to cope. And be sure to take a glance at our top tips for stress relief before bed…

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The Future of Special Educational Needs

The past year has brought numerous issues to light when it comes to child care and education.

Parents all over the country have been left to their own devices in ensuring the schooling of their children. Yes, teachers picked up the slack and came up with creative solutions, including Zoom school and alternative teaching methods. But, it also became clear that there is still much room for improvement.

Educational systems are invaluable. They help prepare our children for a future in a fast-changing world, equipping them with a set of skills that are going to be essential in their lives. But what’s becoming more and more evident is that the current focus on academia doesn’t cover all the necessary bases.

The discrepancies between what is being done and what needs to be done are particularly evident in special education. 

The good news, however, is, there’s potential for change. And parents hold a lot more power than they may think they do…

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Engineering Assignment Help: 10 Signs You Need It

A lot of students are reluctant when it comes to assignment help. Some think they can do everything themselves even when they are tired, others just don’t trust anything offered online. Actually, you can find a lot of useful websites with educational information and even specialists ready to help you with programming, algebra, engineering, and other subjects.

One of such do my homework sites is AssignCode. It offers some of the best assignment help online for a reasonable price! No questions asked, no hassle, just comfort and new information on your topic.

“But why should I ask someone to do my assignment if I always do my homework, even if it’s 3 am?”

Well, here’s an answer: 10 signs why you might be in need of help.

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Agents of Hope Podcast – Episode 6 featuring Colin Newton

Agents of Hope is a podcast for anyone interested in Education, Psychology and social issues. Dr Tim Cox, who has recently completed a Doctorate in Applied Educational Psychology, the podcast aims to engage in long form critical discussion about issues that arise in the field of applied psychology. Each episode explores the practice, values and theory behind the practice of each guest. 

You can follow Tim on twitter @timceducation and if you are interested in listening to the podcast you can listen here (or wherever you listen to your podcasts): 


Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope: Envisioning inclusive, person-centred, futures with Colin Newton

A podcast featuring Colin about his time as an EP, including work on PATH, inclusion and hope

You can find an episode guide for the podcast here: 


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How to Select and Train Future Management

If you run or manage a business, you may decide to promote employees internally for management roles. Not only will this make the onboarding process easier when it comes to senior positions – as the individual you’ve promoted will already have a good grasp of the company’s practices and processes – but the potential for career progression will encourage great performance in most staff members. So, how do you choose the best candidates for managerial positions – and how do you help them to hone their skills?


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Signs of Autism in Girls – Autism Parenting Magazine

Autism Parenting Magazine has recently published a fantastic guide on the Signs of Autism in Girls

Their main objective is to help families and individuals on the autism spectrum and we hope to help them spread autism awareness.

Girls with autism are often misdiagnosed, misunderstood, and lack the essential support they need according to recent studies.

Research by Brown University indicates that autism and Asperger’s syndrome are more common than previously thought and girls are more likely to be diagnosed 1.5 years later than boys.

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The most effective way to check website pages for content analysis by using Online Tools.

If you want to check the quality of your content, then you need help from the online tools. Content analysis is quite important if you want to rank for a higher position. In this article, we are going to list out the best online tools that can help you analyze your content for different factors. One of the most important and common issues regarding content is duplication/plagiarism, so our core focus would be to help you fight and avoid plagiarism with the help of online resources!


This is a very decent online plagiarism checker that can help you scan your work for all kinds of duplication. Duplichecker, as the name tells us, is a platform that can reduce duplication from your content like a pro. Duplichecker.com free duplication checker is compatible with all kinds of browsers and devices, so you don’t have to worry about plagiarism tool limitations. Coming to the analysis part of this duplication checker, you can easily check your content for not only duplicate content but also for grammatical errors, and its working is quite simple. 

Navigate to the main page of this plagiarism checker and enter the text that you need to check for plagiarism. After you have completed the input of text or files in the tool click on the ‘check plagiarism’ or ‘grammar-check’ button! This would start the scanning process, and you will get immediate results in less than a minute. You can make unlimited checks per day with this duplication checker.


This online tool is best to be used in the preparation of new content. This tool, as the name of it, tells us has something to do with grammar or grammar checking. Grammarly indeed provides grammar checking features, but you should also know that this online tool can help you improve the quality of your content by fixing your content for contextual errors including spellings, grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, clarity, and even delivery. When you use Grammarly, you can mine out the best version of your written content in less than a few seconds. 

The tool also provides quality plagiarism checker services with the help of which you can check your new content for any similarities.


This is another content analysis and optimization tool that can check your webpage content and can suggest your improvement tips. You can use this tool online using WordPress add on feature, and you can also install the web application and use it directly on your device while creating content. This online resource can scan and recommend changes like the Number of words, words to include in the content, keywords that are related to your niche, the suitable backlinks for your content, and also the readability score of your page content. 

Keyword rank checker tool by SER

You must be aware of the importance of keywords for SEO. You must focus on adding the most high-ranked and relevant keywords in your content while preparing it. You can easily use the keyword finder tools to get the most authentic words for your content. We want you to know that keywords are the only factor in your content that can add to the value & visibility of the content. Keyword rank checker tools are important to be used on your web pages so that you can know if the keywords you had used are still on the top shelves. The position of keywords keeps on changing, so you must keep on updating your content as well!

Page speed checker tools

Page speed is very much important for you to check. We want our readers to know that all of the web pages that are ranked in a higher position are the ones that have a fast loading speed. You must understand that if your page speed is more than four seconds, then it is going to affect your traffic flow seriously. You have to optimize your pages to make sure that the speed is not affected. You can use image optimizer tools to compress and reduce the size of an image. The reason that we recommend image optimizer tools is that images are the heaviest content on a webpage!

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is also one of the good content analysis tools that you can find on the internet. This tool is known to be the best auditor platform available online. It can scan your webpage and compare it with other high-authority pages of the same league. You can know about different metrics and how they can be improved. If you use this tool in the right way, then you can increase the ranking position by up to eight ranks. This tool can also provide you with the best and most competitive keywords for your content!

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