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Graphics is about Listening

The business of art lies just in this, — to make that understood and felt which, in the form of an argument, might be incomprehensible and inaccessible.

Leo Tolstoy

We teach people how to do person centred planning and we always spend time on ‘The Graphics Academy’. Obviously this is about using pens, pastels and paper and how to record what’s being said in key words and images. It’s about the importance of keeping up and ways you can try to do this. It’s about recording their words, not yours. It’s about dealing with mistakes, especially spelling mistakes, and it’s about using colour and letter size to convey meaning. 

But most of all we’re trying to teach that graphic facilitation is about listening and it’s not so obvious how you do that. 

We will demonstrate person centred planning, usually PATH, with the group before we get to the graphics academy so they will have seen a graphic being created live in front of them.

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How to overcome emotional burnout?

Sometimes life seems to be a hostile and depressing place, a puzzle that we can’t solve, stress and exhaustion come. Everyone has bad times, but if it tends to happen again and again, there is a risk of emotional burnout. This is not just everyday stress caused by various disturbances, burnout occurs as a result of incessant stress.  When you are stressed, you understand that it is a temporary phenomenon, you know that you will be able to overcome it and return to your normal state of mind. Emotional burnout is characterized by growing indifference to the world around, to yourself, and to life itself. This is a feeling of total disappointment that eventually leads to neurotic disorders and psychosomatic diseases. A man sees no glimmer of hope, not knowing in what direction to move. In this article, we will look at what causes emotional burnout, how to deal with it, and how to prevent it.

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 Call to action | SEND Review consultation

Have a say in our Government Green Paper response 

ALLFIE is gathering evidence from Disabled students and their allies for our submission to the Government SEND Green Paper Consultation. This includes a series of online roundtable consultation events during May. We’re delighted to announce the dates and invite you to join – please register below. 
We also encourage ALL to please attend the Department of Education discussion with government ministers on 10 May:

Parents: 3rd May 11am – 1pm
Teachers: 3rd May 6pm – 8pm
Legal experts: 6th May 6pm – 8pm
Department for Education: 10th May 11am – 1pm
Members: 17th May 11am – 1pm
Schools, colleges & nurseries: 18th May 6 – 8pm


More information:

Thank you for supporting our SEND Review campaign for inclusive education! Please contact ALLFIE team with any questions, we welcome all contributions.

In solidarity

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3 Ways to Take Your Power Back and Curate a Happier Life

Life has many ebbs and flows, and that is simply a fact. However sometimes we can get so caught up in the daily grind, and life’s mounting responsibilities that we lose track of what truly brings us joy. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Take some time to pull back on the reigns and examine the details of your circumstances. In some cases, something as simple as a new haircut can give you the jolt of life that you need to feel happy and engaged again, but in others it takes a more significant shift. Here are three ways that you can take your power back and create a life that is rooted in joy and self-love. 

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How to Engage People with Learning Disabilities in the World of Recycling

While there is no denying that we have made great strides when it comes to the exposure of recycling and waste prevention, it remains the case that certain actions and campaigns may occasionally be inaccessible for people with learning difficulties.

It is therefore vital that, when it comes to recycling and sustainable waste prevention, every possible step is taken to encourage social inclusion. This way, those with learning difficulties, or those who have had to work with a specialist education solicitor, are able to demonstrate positive engagement.

Here, we discuss some of the ways we can support those with learning disabilities to get engaged in recycling and understand its importance in our society. This can help us to understand some of the ways we can accommodate for specific learning disabilities when recycling. Take a look…

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A Guide to Vehicle Modifications for People with Disabilities

People with disabilities can have specialized vehicle modifications installed in their cars. These modifications keep drivers with disabilities on the road and create more accessible vehicles. Common modifications include seat belt adjustments, safety bars and straps, ramps, swivel seats, and hand controls.

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