Acknowledging your Racism webinar

Aaron Wolfries-Miller and Elliot Newton –  both Psychologists –  led a dynamic and informative conversation about owning and understanding our own racism. Practical, radical and thought provoking

If you missed it but would like to see what happened, a replay video will be available shortly which we can send to you.

If you’d like to learn more about inclusion, our online school has plenty of courses covering all sorts of topics, with an “Acknowledging your Racism” course coming soon

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Communication Partner Training

Do you interact with someone who has a communication impairment? Are you both frustrated when the interaction breaks down or it becomes an interogation instead of a conversation? 
Research has shown that Communication Partner Training is an integral part of non-speech methods of communication – often referred to as Augmentatuve and Alternative Communication (AAC).  Using AAC methods and strategies, can provide more opportunities for greater social participation, and even improve relationships and the inclusion process. 
There are now five online and self pace courses that have been designed to accommodate for a variety of learning styles. Each course includes a slide show complete with activities, cartoons, audio visual illustrations; a referenced document with hyperlinks so that you can read more about topics. And in addition there are resource materials and activities to do on your own or in teams.
To access the information just click on the link below:
You can also participate in any of the webinars that are being held to personally guide you through the course material. Just take a look at

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How To Write Social Stories?

Do you know a child struggling with learning new routines or playing with peers? Do you know a child that finds it hard participating in conversations? Social stories help inform that child what to expect and what is expected of them in such contexts. Early forms of communication relied on icons/images to communicate information in history.

Children with learning disabilities need Social Stories formed with pictures to ease communication. Social Stories also help them manage their everyday life.

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The Best and Worst Times to Job Hunt by Season

Even though it is possible to find a job throughout the year, some seasons boast a peak for hiring. These are the best times to job hunt compared to others. But, waiting for such a moment sometimes may be hard for a person seeking to cater to immediate needs. On the other hand, if you want to fulfill your long term career goals or want to better your current salary, it is okay to wait for the peak hiring season. Generally, there are the best times for job hunting, in the same way there are the worst times.

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Classroom Conflict: 7 Effective Strategies for Dealing with Challenging Behaviour

Managing classroom conflict is something that teachers have to practice on a daily basis and even the best teachers struggle to keep a bustling classroom under control at times. Kids are often especially volatile after a long summer – and this year they’ll be facing tumultuous changes to the classroom that will further disrupt order.

Challenging behaviour training and other resources are invaluable elements of any teacher’s ongoing training, but for now here are some strategies to help you manage challenging behaviour in the classroom.

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Sleep and the Problem-Solving Processes

We’re often told to “sleep on it” when we’re trying to solve a problem. Empirically, we know that this solution actually works – we go to sleep, stop thinking about the problem at hand, and manage to solve it once we tackle it again with a fresh mind.

Let’s explore the connection between sleep and our problem-solving processes.

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