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The Importance Of Access – How To Ensure Every Child Can Enjoy Educational Resources

Every child has the right to education, and this principle becomes even more crucial when we consider that 11% of children in the UK had a disability in 2021/22. These figures highlight the pressing need for inclusive educational settings. Each of these children has ambitions, talents, and a future full of potential. Yet, they often encounter obstacles that limit their access to essential learning tools. 

To address this, it’s vital to understand and cater to the varied needs of disabled students. By acknowledging these challenges, educators, community leaders, and policymakers can join forces to ensure every child receives the education they deserve. Such a commitment to inclusivity not only uplifts disabled students but also strengthens the entire educational community by fostering mutual respect and collaboration.

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Constructing a framework to evaluate the SEND Green Paper plans


This policy seminar on Constructing a framework to evaluate the SEND Green Paper plans took place on 21 March 2023; In person at Birkbeck College, Malet Street, Bloomsbury, London and online. Its aims were to develop a Framework that identifies and reflects key policy fundamentals about an ‘inclusive education system with excellent mainstream provision’: with which the Green Paper implementation plans can be evaluated, and that has relevance to policy developments over the next few years (leading up to and following next general election)

Download the full PDF here: Framework policy paper June 23

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How educational systems respond to diversity, inclusion & social justice

ALLFIE (The Alliance For Inclusive Education) Chairperson, Navin Kikabhai, is collecting information for a research article. Please watch his video presentation (below), answer a short questionnaire to help him understand the challenges of public/academic engagement and examine perspectives about the topic of conversation, and share with your networks. For more information check out Navin’s blog: 

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The Importance of Wellbeing

Wellbeing is often mentioned in fitness and health circles. However, it is not often explained or discussed more meaningfully, and you may be wondering what it is, why it matters, and how you can improve yours. 

Let’s discuss the meaning and importance of wellbeing. 

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Why Do Parents Need a KS2 Fractions Worksheet for Their Children?

The second stage of primary education in the UK, also called KS2, includes years 3 to 6, and this is where children learn a lot of fractions in maths. Teachers introduce these advanced maths topics in school and guide pupils on how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions and how to solve any other related operations involving fractions. On the other hand, parents are tasked with helping children revise at home, so there is a collective effort to understand and excel in KS2 fractions.

One of the most convenient revision materials that parents can use is a KS2 fractions worksheet from a reliable website. Whether you are looking for fraction worksheets for year 4 or any other in KS2, a reliable platform will sort it out. So, why do parents need to use KS2 fractions worksheets and not textbooks and other resources? Here are the best answers for you.

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