Further Evidence of Violent Abuse in Specialist Settings

Blog by Amelia McLoughlan, Policy & Research Officer and Michelle Daley, Director.

ALLFIE is appalled, and yet unsurprised to see yet another investigation into the injustice of a ‘specialist’ setting, that found systematic and sustained abuse and denial of rights to Young Disabled people.

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Join the campaign to end the torture of Disabled people in so-called ‘care homes’

ALLFIE, DPAC and ROFA demand an immediate statutory review into the torture, sexual violence, violence and deaths of Disabled people in institutions. Abuse must end in all service provision, and Commissioners who are using public money for Disabled people to be abused held to account! Please get involved and register for our next campaign planning meeting:

  • Date: Thursday 1st June 2023
  • Time: 5pm – 7pm
  • Where: Zoom (link will be emailed automatically when you book)
  • Access: BSL interpreters and captions
  • The event will be recorded for note taking purposes

June 2023



While education, health and social care is being underfunded, profits are being made through incarceration and segregated provision in which Disabled people are subjected to tactics of violence, harm and torture. This is a historical systemic failing, recently re-highlighted by the BBC, Guardian and ALLFIE:
“The failures behind the scandals, by contrast, are rooted in systems that are massively opaque. In the case of children’s homes and residential schools, the bodies responsible include Ofsted, local councils and a tangle of profit-making companies.” (Guardian, April 2023)

The statistics speak for themselves: The top 20 private providers making £250m+ in annual profits, alongside a 9% cut in funding per pupil (Guardian)

We want to spend this money on improving the life chances and opportunities for ALL Disabled people; the government want to lock them up and pour profits into shareholder returns for corporations!

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MAPs in Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton Educational Psychology Service are excited to continue our third year of the Promoting Inclusion from the Early Years Project (PIFEYP). This project is situated within our wider strategic work to develop a culture of inclusion and belonging in Wolverhampton. Part of the collaborative PIFEYP has involved using person-centred planning, Making Action Plans (MAP), to support the transition of children with identified special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) who are starting mainstream reception in September 2023. We have worked with partners to offer parents/carers across the city MAP meetings. This year we have offered to facilitate 45 MAPs and cannot wait to collaboratively use this creative and inspiring process to create shared visions and plans for positive transitions and futures for children starting school.

A fantastic update from Wolverhampton Educational Psychology Service

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person holding smartphone riding airplane

How You Can Earn Money While Travelling Abroad

A long trip abroad is one of the most exciting things that anyone can do. There will always be places you have dreamt about going to, and you know that a short vacation will never really give you the in-depth experiences you crave. A week or two is enough to give you a taster of these amazing countries, but if you want to soak up the culture, see beyond the tourist traps, and get to know the people, then you are going to have to look at a longer trip.

However, the stumbling block for most people when they think about packing their bags and heading abroad for a few months is, of course, money. Prices are going up everywhere you look right now, and it can be tough to think about stashing money away when you are struggling to pay for your weekly supermarket shop and your energy bills. The good news is that there are plenty of ways that you can earn some money while travelling abroad. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular.

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Establishing a Bedtime Routine for Children With ASD

Children on the autism spectrum can face many challenges, including settling into a calm state so they can fall asleep and benefit from a good night’s rest. That’s why Purple.com have created their guide, Establishing a Bedtime Routine for Children With ASD

This resource covers: 

  • The relationship between ASD and sleep
  • Establishing a daytime routine to set your child up for a restful night’s sleep
  • How to structure healthy sleep associations into a nighttime routine 
  • Sensory considerations such as room temperature, brightness, and bedding materials

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