Restorative Solutions: Making it work



Format: A4/ 160 pages

Description: This is a practical book about how to implement Restorative interventions and approaches in schools. The book gives guiding ideas, principle, theory and values as well as direct scripts for those involved in direct contact with pupils, staff and parents. Restorative SOlutions are about inclusion, transforming relationships and radical ways of impacting upon conflict and rule breaking behaviour. All schools in the UK and Support Service staff will want a copy. Parents will also find it an extremely valuable resource for bringing up their own children peacefully. Preface by Sir Charles Pollard (ex Chief Superintendent, Thames Valley Police) “Bad behaviour in our schools – often leading to school exclusions, speeding the pupils involved to the social scrapheap – has become a blight on our education system. Solutions are hard to come by. Most come in the form of yet more punitive discipline, which merely heightens the problem. What is needed in schools is fresh thinking, new approaches that work – and Restorative Practices are precisely that. Restorative Practices break the cycle by tackling the root causes of misbehaviour, rather than just massaging the symptoms. Many badly behaved pupils, faced directly and personally with the harm they have done to others, not only see the error of their ways but are often even transformed into positive role models. And they don’t need to be excluded. This book is an invaluable tool for all who want to learn about Restorative Solutions. It describes how, when and where they can be used, not just to reduce exclusions but – even more importantly – to improve the whole behavioural culture of the school and improve attainment. All who work in schools should read it and act on it.”

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