5 Rules for Building Your Team’s Leadership Skills

What is the biggest decision of your life that you have made on your own? What factors did you consider while making that decision? These are some of the most popular questions that are asked in a job interview. The interviewers analyse your decision-making, critical thinking, and leadership skills by asking such questions.

Life is a bumpy road! You need to devise an effective strategy and take a solid stance to steer through the difficult phases of life. No one is perfect; every person has a balance of strengths and weaknesses. In my opinion, leadership is a skill that everyone needs to master to achieve their full potential in every sphere of life: career, self-development, and relationships.

What Is Leadership?

It’s all about your vision! Leadership is defined as the ability to create an inspiring image of the future by making some tough decisions. Leadership is not just about you; it’s about motivating your team to understand and follow your vision.

A leader has the responsibility of delivering what he has envisioned by training and inspiring his team to make a collaborative effort.

How to Choose the Right Team Members?

Choosing the right team members is the first step in building your team’s leadership skills, so let’s look at some of the attributes you should look for in an individual.

  1. Excellent Communication Skills

Some people listen to reply while others listen to understand. You need to find those individuals who can understand every instruction given to them and can communicate effectively with other team members.

When there is no communication barrier, the targets and strategies are more effectively communicated by the team leader and worked on by the team members.

  1. Discipline and Punctuality

If a person constantly fails to meet the deadlines, he/she lacks the discipline required for achieving big targets. You, as a leader, can’t waste your time running after others and asking them to complete their work.

Find a group of disciplined and self-motivated individuals who show up on time, understand the seriousness of every situation, plan their every single move, and maintain their composure in difficult times.

  1. Positive Attitude and Commitment

Working on projects is not easy; hardships, failures, and stress are some of the factors which demotivate the team members.

Winning and losing are parts of life; the important thing is to put 100% effort into every task. If your team members are committed to the cause and approach every adversity with a positive attitude, your team will surely win every challenge.

Other than technical knowledge, the attributes discussed above should be your requirements while looking for a team member. Let’s say that your consulting firm is based in Houston, so you can search Business Consultant Houston TX in google to approach multiple candidates and eventually select the one who fulfills the complete criteria.

Rules Building Your Team’s Leadership Skills

  1. Trust Your Team

Every person has his own way of doing things; different people can apply different approaches to the same situation. If your team members are trying to improvise and developing news strategies to achieve a goal, you should trust their abilities.

When an individual realizes that his leader trusts his abilities, his self-confidence and morale are boosted, which positively impact his work.

  1. Set the Example

You are the role model for your team! Your team members look up to you for guidance and observe your every action with the intention of following it.

It’s all up to you! You can either become the best version of yourself or become the worst one; your team will follow whatever path you choose. Try to show your best behavior, work ethic, and attitude so that your team stays on the right path.

  1. Respect Your Team

Even the smallest task completed by an individual contributes to the overall success of a team, so make sure that you acknowledge everyone’s efforts.

You also need to respect those people who are not the core members of your team but work consistently to make sure that your workflow remains uninterrupted. This includes technicians, janitors, and security guards.

Your good behavior with the junior staff puts a good impression on your team members, and they try to inculcate the same characteristics in their own personalities.

  1. Always be Optimistic

Most of our fears are derived from our negative attitude. It’s important to see the brighter side of every situation and find a way out of our difficulties.

Don’t let your team members’ fall into the trap! Whenever you feel that someone is losing motivation because he/she is not getting the desired results, feed some positivity into that person by sharing your success stories and working out the solution to his/her problem.

If you never fail, you never learn, so it’s totally fine to make mistakes. If your team members fail to meet a deadline or submit substandard work, educate them about the ways in which they can avoid the same mistake next time. Always control your temper when dealing with these issues because your positive attitude adds to your credibility.

  1. Give Authority to Your Team

The leader is in control of making the majority of the decisions, but how much freedom does your team have in this matter? The best practice for building your team’s leadership skills is to let them stand in your shoes; you should only reserve the power of reviewing the decisions made by your team.

It’s okay if your team fails to make the right decision; what matters the most is that they get a taste of responsibility that a leader carries on his shoulders. You can also put your team members in tough situations to teach them pressure-handling.

Summing it up!

Leading a team is tough! It requires a lot of patience and courage to stay motivated throughout the journey. You must have struggled a lot to reach the position where you are today, so never forget the ups and downs you have faced in your journey. You have learned a lesson from all your mistakes, and now, it’s time to teach that same lesson to the leaders of tomorrow.


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Myrah Abrar is a computer science graduate with a passion for web development and digital marketing. She writes blog articles for ApCelero.

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