It’s alright I’m Awesome!

I love this – Its Luc from Brighton who we facilitated a PATH for some years ago…

Zombie Crash were on tour
4 days, 4 venues, 4 towns (London, Sheffield, Leeds, Brighton)
Breaking out of the Learning Disability Bubble (capital letters).

You will find Zombie Crash Music on vimeo, I think, and on Carousel (Disability Arts, Brighton) website under Shut Up and Listen.

Please also watch this its Luc’s second film ‘It’s alright I’m awesome’ on youtube, search SirAnthonyEisenbarth
This is a 100% community effort. No arts council funding or any other funding. Just friends with skills and people who know people….
Film won an OSKA BRIGHT award (for: Funniest film) and is now going to tour the country with the OSKA BRIGHT travelling show.

During the PATH Luc said he wanted to become famous. Then he was more dreaming of becoming a football star than a rock’n’roller.
well, here he is: an award winning film director and a touring band member!

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