Inclusive career management By Chris Wright

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Thinking ahead is the name of the game here! The practical reality is that a successful, career minded individuals who have to manage additional considerations, always need to think two or three steps ahead of everyone else. They often do in fact.

On an individual level, this may involve deciding on appropriate career paths earlier than usual, conducting your own investigations into the way in which an industry or sector works to see how and whether any difficulties which may occur can be overcome. Taking my own experiences and thoughts as an example, I always thought that remote or flexible employment could be most feasible for me given the limitations of my physical disability allied to the fact that I am a full-time wheelchair user.

I am also aware that the consultancy route and prior academic studies which I chose would not have been possible without the guidance of an extensive network of like-minded but diverse people. Therefore, developing networking skills by talking to friends, family and any professional bodies etc. is useful. Then the answer is to use them and keeping people ‘warm’ is essential. After all, 70% of projects and jobs located in the UK are found through networks and based on collaboration. The need for trust and assurances that intellectual property will not be undermined on any side is essential, however.

Engaging with trustworthy people who understand our needs can help us to navigate through the maze of employment which is particularly difficult when taking into account the extra considerations which we cannot afford to ignore. The key to success is therefore to establish a clear but flexible path in your chosen field, to use the networks which develop over time and to establish an indispensable role for yourself in the employment market. As someone once said, “if you don’t ask you don’t get”.

Talman HR and their partners can help in situations like these, we have a range of innovative solutions which deal with real-life considerations and demonstrate the business case for developing a truly inclusive workforce.

By Chris Wright MSc, Assoc CIPD

Director, Talman HR Limited

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